Friday, November 12, 2010

Veterans Day 2010

If you know us at all you know my husband is in the Army. I am extremly proud of him and his service. He is a cool guy. (-:

(This is not my husband)

What you may not know is my dad (see pic above)is a three time war veteran. He was in Vietnam, then when I was in high school he went to Desert Storm, and one last tour to Iraq in 2002 for this war. I find that both amazing and scary.

Going to Iraq the first time

My mom was a great support to me when my husband was in Iraq. She had been there and knew how I felt, but to send your husband again to a completely different war had to be hard. I wonder how my Nana (grandma) handled the thought that her child was going again a third time to war. How often does that happen?
I don't think I tell my dad enough how proud I am of him. I have no idea the kind of things he saw, or how being in war affected him. It probably changed him more than I can imagine. So on this Veterans day I want to let you know dad, I love you I am proud of the man you are and how you served our country. You are an amazing Father in Law, Tata, and dad.

I just threw this pic in for fun. He is the dark haired player on the far left.

I think the fourth war of raising two teenagers that are 39 days apart held the most chance for PTSD.
We look cute here but my brother and I were a force to be reckoned with.

We love you!

Friday, July 2, 2010


The two little ones joined Ju-jitsu. The two older girls are in girl defense class. They have only been twice but they already love it. Getting pics of the older ones is going to be harder since I am going to be in the class with them!
First I have to show you J's new hair cut. She found a picture that she wanted she knows exactly what she wanted. Now maybe you will recognize her in the fighting pics!

Already the kids are throwing people around. Ahh good times.
All of them practicing some moves.

Getting in there to fix his position.

After J tossed this kid over her back. Her first major flip.

E nd his partner. They were evenly matched and went round and round.

J throwing one of E's friend. He was not excepting that. His dad was yelling, "are you going to get beat by a girl." In the end neither of them tapped out.

I have another post up for later of our recap of the months before this. I just had to get this on because as I was taking pics E asked, "mom, will you put me on the blog?" He was so excited.

My mom made said that she likes that girls learn to defend themselves but we try and teach boys not to hit girls then we have them choking them out in class. What do you think about that?
Hmm. Hope E doesn't tackle a girl bully on the playground and make her tap out. He will just have to get his sister to take care of her I guess.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Clay's come to visit

When you move overseas EVERYONE says ohh I am going to come visit!
After three overseas moves, that almost never happens. Now my mom, she shows up everywhere, because she is awesome.
This time we had our very first visitors, and it wasn't my mom.
It was The Clay's!
We like to think of them as family and I am still in shock that they came all the way here.
The first day I was still in Hawaii and they went to the sea wall and Ton ton's, Dino's favorite ramen place. I wasn't there so not sure if there are pictures of that!
Monday we took them to Cape Zampa to see the Giant Shisa.
Had to get Keith with the lighthouse. The light was so harsh but there is no waiting when your visitors have 6 days.

Had a homeless guy take our picture, we then bought some sugar cane off him.

She loved the guy in the background with the hat.

We went to Maeda point and flats after. Great views from there.

We decided to take some silly ones.

Keith made a friend!

Cindy loved the hot canned coffee that came out of the vending machine.

The last day was rainy and very windy, we thought Keith was going to blow away.

The rain would not stop her from finding shells. She was determined!

I have TONS more but need to get this up.

There was one last picture Dino had for a friend in LA.... gotta eat those oranges David, they keep you healthy!

Thanks for coming we had so much fun. We can't wait to see you again!

Flaking out

I have been horrible about posting here and I vow to do better. I will catch up on all the months that have passed but I will start with current things since they are fresh in my mind.
Up first will be a trip our friends took out here, then the trip I took to Hawaii by MYSELF! From then we will back track till whenever it was I left off.
Hang on here we go...