Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Exploring the south. Again

We went back to the Gushikawa Castle, then we went down the hill and exploring. We came across a lot of cool stuff.

We turned off on some road near there and came across a little garden deal and an old guy. We went to see if we could get to the water from there and when we came back to the car he had dragon fruit for all of us.

He stayed clean while eating...

THIS. His sisters did not.

We then went back to the Peace Memorial park. We haven't actually seen any of the memorial but we have played on the playground there twice!

We always have a great time on our adventures. Come visit and you can explore with us.

Channel Crevices

One of our favorite spots when it is warm here is down south at the Channel Crevices.
It is an awesome dive spot but I just love to take the kids to snorkel. It is such a cool area, there aren't many Americans and the kids have a blast.
Here are the pictures in no particular order and on two different trips. One without swimsuits and one with.

This Japanese family had this whole set up right on the edge of the water. It was a great idea they were having a lovely picnic.
The next time we went though it was high tide and that part was completely submerged. We may have to try that this spring.

If you are here let me know and we will take a trip down there when it warms up.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Okinawa Zoo Light show

Hello Kitty seems to think she can stop Christmas. Well not for us because we are winners! I know you all already think that, but officially we are winners. I called into the radio station and won tickets to the zoo's light show. They also boast about having snow. Ahh nothing like snow on a sub tropical island!!
We went on the 26th. It rained all day on Christmas so it was very muddy, but surprisingly festive. Lots and lots of people, and lots of different things to keep you busy.
The Plaza of snow. It was more of a walk way of ice but loads of fun!

They had igloo's.

Snow/ice ball fights.

Giant snow balls!

Interesting laser light shows.

Then the performances.
This is a dance group that we have seen pretty often they are at all the major festivals. That night it was a Michael Jackson tribute. HILARIOUS!

Next up
There were Eisa dancers. They are my absolute favorites and then the giant Lion/Shisa's came out. They dance and act crazy then come to the people and "eat" them. I found out today it is lucky. This shot is horrible due to my laughing and the girls in my lap trying to get away from them but that one has my sons head in his mouth. He just sat there enjoying it all, while my youngest girl was screaming like crazy. I could not stop laughing.

What is so great about awesome traditional dancers and a giant lion/shisa eating my child for luck when I can see a bunch of dancing girls grab their crotches to MJ's songs. The funniest part about that was every time they grabbed, my son would look at me and snicker. He thought it was hilarious those girls were doing that.

Before we left we checked out the path with all the lights and food.
There was Flannel cake (funnel cake) and Blead Ball (bread Ball)I wanted to take a picture but I couldn't do it. I felt bad. So I just took pictures of this.
Nothing says Christmas spirit like a horror house.

We had a pretty fun time. I appreciate my kids being older, it makes life easier at places like this. Oh but then again we lost E for a bit. Then we found him, guess that Shisa was lucky after all.

Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas. I hope you all did too.
I would take the time to write a long sappy post about missing the family but I am so far behind in blogging I must get right to the pics.
I did not want a long post of present pictures, so here is a collage (loving those lately)
Then a few extras.
Notice if you can, the kids playing band hero. There is an extra guitar so they can rock out together.

A new Golf bag for the big kid to match his taylor made clubs he got.

They all stopped for a min for a pic. Christmas eve.

All she wanted for Christmas was fondant. She whipped up a four layer cake and decorated it. After she said "it looks like a babyshower cake" She now wants to master her icing flowers and other such baking things that I can not teach her. Thank goodness for TLC and all the cake shows.

He received lots o bakugan toys. They are super cool and he is having lots of fun playing with those.

The big girls are scarce lately when I pull out the camera. I will do better hunting them down.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.
You all were in our thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My kids a poser

Not the kind you are thinking of. The strike a pose kind.
Our big girls were at youth group Sunday evening so we took the little ones fishing for an hour. I took the camera because I love to get pictures of my kids and if I am holding the camera I don't have to bait the hook.
She was the only one who caught anything, notice the cool aquarium looking fish she is posing with. That is no catfish, which we were used to catching before coming here. Almost every picture was her with this smile. Which is not real I might add. The real smile is oh so lovely. It can be found second row first picture. She was thrilled to catch the only fish that day.

She is a sweeetie. Next up, the rest of the kids.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving round 2

This is our second Thanksgiving here on Okinawa. I am usually a very optimistic person and I love it here but Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that I miss my family. Mostly at Thanksgiving and not Christmas. Isn't that odd.
SO this Thanksgiving we just did a family one with just the six of us.
It was very relaxed and fun. The best part was that my husband took care of the Turkey. That was awesome.
Here is J my eight year old trying to get some cool shots. On her back in the kitchen floor. I love that her knees are in this one. She had better but the legs are the best.

We had a great time.

Here is E's favorite craft he made in class.

I hope you all had a great holiday. We are now off to put up the tree.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Free books

There is nothing better to me than books and all things free. So if you mix the two together I am the happiest girl on the planet.
That is what a sister of a friend is doing on her blog.
She reviews books then gives them away. WOOHOO
I personally have won two, and read another that was awesome. I do take the risk of opening this up to so many people that I never again win a book, but I am willing to do it for you. Now you have the chance to win a free book. Right now there are only two of us even trying to win them so the odds are awesome. Get over there fast and check it out.

End of the story is her blog. She does love her some Jesus, so if that will pose a problem for you feel free to skip her blog. If you link from my blog I want you to use your manners and be friendly.

Good luck!

THE BLOOK BLOG LINK in case you didn't notice I linked it above.

Monday, November 16, 2009

2009 Special Olympics

This is the second year we have been able to volunteer at the Special Olympics. Once again it was amazing. We ran the Soccer event and had a great time cheering for the athletes. Here are a few of the pics I got that day.
This guy loved taking pictures with his mom's camera. He has a picture of me now too. We took turns posing with our peace signs.

Here he is so proud of his medal. Look at those faces. I swear I could do this all day. It is the BEST!

This guy had so much joy. You could not help but smile when he was around.

He struck this pose right when I pulled out the camera. Had to love that.

An action shot, they were serious about these games.

This lady was so cool. She wasn't signed up for the soccer event but came by saying she would like to try. She got out there with her Friend and kicked them all in. She didn't miss one. The best part was her figuring out how to get her friend to swing the chair out for a better angle. She was awesome and got the gold. After, we were laughing that her friend was going to be sore tomorrow. They joked that she needed a medal too for all her work.
There were all ages participating.

Once again if you ever get the chance, get out and support your Special Olympics. Just click on the link and see where your games will be held.
Get out and make a difference. You will not regret it.
I am so proud of my kids, they are always excited to get out and support the athletes as well.
When I asked my kids why people should support the Special Olympics they said.
M- said "it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. teehee There is no fighting and everyone is happy."
I- said "the athletes are nice, enthusiastic and easy to talk to."
J- said it made us feel good becasue we are supporting other people who need help and your doing something good for the world. Some poeple never get the chance to go help at the Special Olympics casue they are scared. But the Special Olympics people are not scary they are so nice!
E- Said "It's not just helping them play soccer, it's helping them learn more things. If your still a kid you can still help. It made me feel good, because it feels good to help other people and it's fun to help. Other people might think it's not fun but it is fun, real fun.
As I was reading through this they started yelling and fighting about some strange thing. I mean YELLING. So I had to send them upstairs.
From we love the Special Olympics one minute to a knock down drag out fight with each other the next. Where is the love?