Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bucaneer cheerleaders in Okinawa

Living overseas some great benefits. One of the favorites around these parts is when NFL cheerleaders come to visit. We have never actually gone to see any of the ones that have come here. They weren't our teams. Till TODAY.
The Buc's sent their cheerleaders and two players. We hustled down to the P.X. to see them. How awesome is this!
Michael Clayton was cool, he went to LSU so we threw in our we came here from Louisiana. Worked like a charm. HA no he was a nice man.

This was the first picture. How happy does my husband look? He got decked out in some Bucs gear for the occasion.

Will Allen was super friendly, he was picking E up. Threw him in the air. It was hilarious. Later he called him over again for more pictures. He may be my new favorite player. He is definitely E's favorite. Check out the girls, they were so nice.

Before they left everyone got a group shot. They were all very cool.

It was my husbands birthday, don't you love how they came in just for that. So nice.
Just one more reason we love the BUCS.
I still say it is great they never play the Cardinals. What would I do then?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer break

We are in the beginning of summer break. It has consisted of rain, rain and more rain. The downfall of tropical living. The plus side to all the rain is I get to wear my rain boots. I love them! This is one of two pairs I have. The cool thing with my daughters feet being almost my size. We share boots.
There are still swim lessons. It seems to stop right when my kids are to get in the pool. Gotta love that. The two little ones are in swim lessons. They love their teachers.

I started my gym routine. I also bought that insert deal that goes in my Nike's. I added a new widget on the right. Now you all will see if I actually do get off my tush.
My oldest is babysitting for a really cool family we met during soccer. She is very funny and very fit. So I drop off my kid to babysit and go to the gym with her. She full on runs and I don't. (-: I will get there though.
Also we won tickets to go to a Taiko concert(the Japanese drums, we love them).

We will be going tomorrow night to that.
THEN I just got a call about winning a boat diving trip Saturday. WOOHOO I am feeling lucky! I have a cold right now so my husband says "oh if your not better I will take a friend." WHAT THE HECK? I better not be sick.
The kids are not thrilled with the rain but we have some cool plans this week.
I will keep you posted.

MY!! update

apparently mom is calling me "M" now so I am "M" for now on!!!(I have to make it official)

so I plan on giving you my update so sit and read. My mom might have told you that I made it into the swim team? If she has then there is a update on that.. well when I went for my first practice and guess wat?? (I mean "what" text talk kinda sticks after a while)I was the oldest there and I sucked, I was the worst. Your thinking oh that's OK, and guess what again a guy I sort of thought was cute is on the swim team but much higher level is practicing too and every time he gets to the end and taking a breath he is looking over at me!!! Ii will never go back!!! Sorry about the stupid info but it is what it is. right? Another thing is that I was in the Asian/pacific islanders month.. My mom got amnesia and forgot to download every thing soo you can see the stuff later. anyway school is over and...!!!
I have to go do....stuff
bye people!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Scuba Diving

It is official, I am a certified Scuba diver.
I spent all of last week either in water or learning what to do when in water. We had quizzes and then a final. A scuba final! Who knew.
Saturday was a really busy day, I had my first open water dive,
Sunday I had my 3rd and 4th dive. It was a boat dive and we went out up past Onna.
It was AMAZING! The visibility was 70-80 feet, I saw the coolest fish, the ones in the front saw a six foot Barracuda. I missed it, and I wasn't really sad to miss that giant thing. A bat fish
came right up to me then followed us all around.
There were a few of them just hanging around us. I also got to see a
sea snake.
It wasn't as big as that, but cool just the same.
I had a blast on those boat dives, we went on a boat with Capt. Dave. He can be found at
A very cool guy. If you are looking to fish or dive check him out. Tell him I sent you. (-:
We are going to go diving next weekend.
It is going to be a fun summer.