Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Interesting things about my house

Tell me, what would you use this for? Well we use these to operate the AC units. The temperature is in Celsius. So I have no idea how cool my house is on any given moment. Right now it is at 20. Mostly that is to cool and we go up to 22. All you smarties out there feel free to tell me what that is in Fahrenheit. If you have to google it then you are in the same boat as me. I just don't want to google right now.

Our AC units. We have these in every room.

My phone. A few of the buttons are only in Japanese. SO you just kinda play around with them till you figure it out.
This is if you have it set on Japanese. Yikes. I want to say thanks to the Azua's for the free phones. You guys ROCK!

Nothing to odd about this pictures except my trim is orange. Ok more like an apricot. But really who has that as a trim color. It is painted in a very nice latex. gonna go GREAT with the colors of my stuff that is coming. haha
We have these cabinets above all the closets. They are super deep, and we are keeping carry ons in them right now. I figure it will be a great place for Christmas presents. This is the kids room so no gifts will be hidden in here. Our room has double the cabinets. FANCY.

Notice the apricot trim, it is lovely and it is everywhere.
Our tub. It is a super large bathtub and I love it. It can also be used for a little game of catch.

Why not add a third child, the more the merrier. This tub is awesome.

This is not a great picture but just to show you my floor to ceiling tile in the bathrooms. But look closely there is the apricot trim...

Stainless steel. Ok probably not that but metal, counters. we also had these in Korea so I wasn't to surprised. different though. Don't cha think?

Our screen door is on the inside. Think about it. Now go look at your screen door. See that is a bit odd. I guess it is all about the typhoons. Don't want your screen door flying down the road.

That is the end of my show and tell. Even though there are odd things about this house it is home. I have to say I think I am going to paint though. I mean seriously orange... just not cool.

Also today met a chick named Heather that I have been talking to online. We got here a month before her. It was great to finally meet her. Her mom commented on my blog, so I would like to say "HELLO Becky", thanks for the comment feel free to say hi ANYTIME!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Face paint, backyard views, and immuniaztions

Oh yes this is what they do when they are upstairs. They let their big sister do a little fire and ice deal. Silly kids.

Here are pictures out of our living room window. Then standing outside on our porch. The three younger ones will walk to that school. They go down and play on that playground everyday. last pic is taken about 20 minutes after the clear day ones. Just started pouring. Word on the street is there is a typhoon out in the water near here. We are just getting the rain and wind of it. Nothing crazy. So do not worry.

This is the crew after we went to get their shot records. I thought we would just swoop in and pic them up. Oh I am so naive. So they all got TB tests. The two little ones only got one shot didn't even flinch. Said after "oh, that hurt" All the while Middle girl) was sitting there sobbing. She cried for 5 min BEFORE the shots. do not even get me started on her shots. I have blocked it out. M did well, if not a little teenagery. So we are done till wed when they get them checked and enrolled in school.

I try not to use my kids real names. For various reasons. One if you do not know us and are some creepo I don't want you to know the names. Two They are pretty cool names and I don't want you buying hamsters and naming them after my kids, that would stink.
third. I don't really have a third and YES I know I used two of the names Dad. But I TRY not to.

All this to say, any of you who know us give me ideas for aliases (Hmm is that the plural of alias?) for the kids. Oh shoot how about an alias for all of us. If you don't know us, you can try to. If you are a creepo, cease and desist from looking at this blog and get some help.

OK I will make this a contest for all you competitive types. The winner gets the satisfaction of knowing they are more clever than everyone else. Good prize I say.
Put on your thinking caps.
P.S. I have three girls and one boy. boy is the youngest.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

one month

We have been on this island for one month. Oh geez it's been 43 days but who's counting. Reflecting on our time here so far I have a few things to say.
This place never ceases to amaze me in how beautiful it is. While driving home I am still shocked at the clouds. I mean they are just clouds right, I've seen a thousand clouds. It takes me back to 7th grade when I would take pictures of the clouds. When the pictures came back they were never what I was expecting. Still maybe not amazing in photos but awesome in person. Even more fun are the dark foreboding clouds that roll in out of nowhere. Love them ALL.

I am surprised how quickly you can travel all over this island. I love that. Got a few hours in the afternoon. Take a trip. See some sights. That is the best.
I like just driving around looking at the buildings, I take pictures of these things for my mom. Just so she can see what we see.

That the ocean is right down the road, never being one for the water. ( I am from AZ, a desert girl) I am in love with the ocean. Tide pools are a new favorite for us. Sea cucumbers I love, we pet them. Like they are little dogs. I will soon be a snorkeler then diver. It scares me a little. But how foolish to give up the chance to snorkel and dive here because I am a little nervous. Embrace the fear I say. Or at least suck it up till your not scared anymore. Holy cow I mean look at this. I cannot give up the chance to see that.

After 46 days, I have forgotten what and how much stuff I had shipped here. We are still waiting on it and at this point I do not know what we sent or what we stored. Guess we will find out next month. What I do remember. We have six crates coming. That is a lot of stuff. probably four crates of clothes and two of toys.

Last but not least, how much I miss my desktop. I am so over this laptop. I want my new computer with it's beautiful giant flat screen.
Oh wait and I miss my friends and family. That should be first right. Well maybe not yet. Not been here long enough to be homesick.

Save that money or start buying lottery tickets. Either way, you just have to come and see these clouds.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our week in pics.

We had a super busy week. I am glad it is over!
Here is a little of what we did. We had our nails done, went to a last dinner with friends before they flew back to the states. Then yesterday, had the change over at his work.

Our toes after a trip to Cocok's (silent K)We had a great time with our friends Joanna and Cassey. They are moving and it was a last girls day.

Ok so after dinner on the air base we hear a bat land in a tree near us. My husband spots it and sends me closer to get a pic. This is it looking at us see the red eyes.

The zoom in.. They are really big here. Pretty cool.

The change over, and his speech! He did an awesome job.

I was exhausted and went to sleep at 7:30 and didn't wake up till almost 8 am this morning. I am glad this week coming up only has swim lessons!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

It is my dad's birthday. Since we can't be there and your card will be late. It's our version of an e card. It is ghetto Fabulous since we have no paper. But it's the thought that counts!
A few words from my kids when asked what they want to say to their Tata on his birthday.
Happy Birthday Tata, thank you for the telescope on my birthday. I hope you have a good birthday. Love ya, PEACE.
Next girl-
Happy birthday Tata, Feliz CumpleaƱos. I hope you have a happy spanish birthday even if you are getting older. I miss you, love you. bye
Little girl-
Happy Birthday Tata I love you. I hope you have a fun birthday. How is followee? When we see you were gonna give you a birthday checkup. So bring your flashlight and have a fun birthday Love Jules.
Tata you have to get here fast and when we tell you to look, look at our house and we have our Wii here with us. And Tata you don't have to bring you flashlight we have a flashlight here. Oh happy birthday. When we give you a birthday check up we will tell you where to sit. Well have that kind of birthday cake. I love you Tata. Elijah
He means Tres Leches cake. Man I want some of that cake!!
We love you and miss you. Can't wait for you to visit!!!
I just realized those look sort of like mugshots.. Geez

The rest of the story

So we went to the Kurashiki dam. You saw the pictures. Here is the other part of that story.
We had been running around all day trying to get things done when we saw the sign for it by some friends housing. I said hey lets go check that out. We took off.
It is a beautiful place, I really do love it.
The kids were not having it at first.

This picture is for Heather, link to her blog on the right. Look at that hair...

So the kids were mad, "we don't want to waaalllkk" they kept saying. We had a breeze, it was bringing up the smell from a pig farm down the road. So she is holding her nose here. It did smell like manure.

She was saying "noooooo" as soon as I turned the camera on her.

There was no fishing, which would be fine but my husband kept seeing these huge Bass. He was not happy he couldn't get them.

This is a picture for some friends, see there is water!

They all ended up happy when they got in the water. I also have pictures of one of them crying, I will skip adding those. She would not be thrilled about that.
SO do realize when I put up pics, or any blog does. Those are the good pics.
Your kids are in the floor screaming and fighting. Yeah they all do that. So throw them in the car and check out some of the sights. Let them cry in the beautiful scenery. At least you will enjoy it. They can't stay mad all day..
See them here, all working together, playing nice, having fun. It was a great day.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The dam, I will spell it for ya later.

We went to this dam that is pretty close. It was so pretty. We had a great time.
My sweet Shisa dog.

Girls chillin out.

Playing in the dam.

He loves to wear matching color shirts. He loves him some dad.

My sweet girl.

Our new friend.

Good times.

Better times!

No fishing, he is so sad...

Vending machines EVERYWHERE. I love that if you run out of water. No worries...

This goes out over the water.