Monday, December 29, 2008

Finally the Christmas post.

OK sorry for the delay. I would like to add it IS still December. So I get a pass. I pass I made on Word and printed out on my computer, but a pass. (If you to are in need of a pass, let me know I have been known to give out passes, for various things.)

Christmas was so fun and relaxing. I have really enjoyed this vacation. The sleeping in doesn't hurt either.
Christmas morning they woke us at 7:30. I was so excited about that since they have been known to wake us in the 5's.
They came down to stockings and webkins, they checked those out while we got coffee and then the madness began.
We have this thing where everyone gets a laundry basket to put their stuff into. When you open it and are speechless

scream (He loves his Benten's)

Or hug the heck out of it

You then place it in your basket, then everything is accounted and no one is confused about whose toy is whose. Also they can just take it to their rooms and put it away.
It works for us.
I had a great Christmas. I got the Ipod touch that I love and a Kitchen aid mixer that I also love.
Christmas morning we made 4 dozen cookies and decorated them, we also made a peach cobbler. My favorite we made egg rolls. My youngest the chef, got in on it and learned how. She did a great job.
We then just hung out and enjoyed the day.
It has been a wonderful Christmas break.
OK now I think I am caught up and ready for the new year.
Pictures from the day.

My oldest is not please with her pictures and so we will not post them! (-:

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas is over...

Well for us it is. For most of you it's just getting started.
We had a great time, Christmas eve we went to church at Torii Chapel. We are going back, we really liked it.
We then met up with some peeps from church and went to eat at MOS burger.
Some Japanese fun facts for you, they eat fried chicken on Christmas. Not to be out done by KFC MOS burger was selling Chicken and all you had to do was drive by and pick it up. Two girls in Santa outfits were out selling it. We had to get a pic with them. (-:

They have this glass to watch them cook your food. Well that probably isn't what it is for but that is what the kids did.

We figured why not get a family pic with the Happy X-MOS sign. I actually thought it was misspelled till my smart husband said uh yeah babe we are at the MOS burger, get it X-MOS. Ahhh ok now I see.

We then checked out some Christmas lights and dropped off some gifts at our friends house. When we got home they opened their P.J's and chilled out and watched a movie.

Christmas morning was a BLAST! I made out like a bandit.
I need to take my girl to get donuts for the fam so I will add that post next.

Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who is ready for Christmas?

Any of you? Are all your gifts wrapped? Stocking stuffers bought? Cards sent? Cookies made and given out?
If you answered yes to even three of those, please come over as quickly as possible and help me. (-:
We have gifts in the top of the closet, I have a birthday party on Sunday for my little girl. I haven't even begun baking. I bet if I had a KitchenAid mixer I would be more inclined. hint hint. ahh who am I kidding my seven year old will be the one making the cookies. She loves to bake and will probably get the mixer from us when she turns 10. It is a sad day but I really am just the one one hangs out helping. She does is all. I do pull things out of the oven so no need to call child services.

OK I am off to a field trip, again. Here is a secret, I agree to go on the field trips that are located close to the starbucks here. haha
Oh I am just joking, it is to hang out with my kid. They are cool kids and fun to hang out with. The starbucks doesn't hurt either.
Feel free to come over an wrap gifts and or bake while I am gone. If you know where I live and would like to rob me while I am gone. Please remember we own several large and hungry dogs.
Talk to you all soon, hopefully with some progress made.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Monday, December 15, 2008


Hey this is the oldest girl of the family speaking I thought it would be fun to post some stuff of my own. I'm in the 7th grade with my head in the clouds. I love Okinawa it is the most beautiful place ever! I think the most beautiful thing here are the sunsets.
We have a lot of friends here on oki. Or in the states. I hope to go spend the summer with my grandma and best friend in the states next summer, but it is unlikely. I love shopping off base like any other teenage girl. but there is a secret for all of you women who love to shop for shoes, here it is. you must be careful which shoes you buy off base they will trick you, you can wear them all around the store forever and they will feel fine but when you finally buy them they will torture your feet. I know this from experience. I cant wait till X-mas I want a lot of books. well... I don't know what else to talk about so.
TTYL ;)(oh for all you "older" people that means Talk To You Later)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

We got our tree up decorated and though the lawn isn't done we are almost ready for Santa.
I still have to wrap all the presents we have stashed in the closet.
I also have my youngest daughters birthday the 21st. Yikes.
OHH and cookies, lots o cookies.
My kids decorate our tree every year. It looks like an elf vomited all over it. They love it though so what are you gonna do. Our ornaments remind us of past years. That is the fun part. Pulling out the ornaments and talking about who got it and where we lived. Here is our tree. This year they did try and spread the ornaments out more. Usually they are grouped and you can tell who can reach where. Notice the huge plate ornament with my sons face on it. He had to have that right up front.

This is our stocking area. Doubtful the hooks will hold them when they are full but makes a great hanging area for them.
I will fill you all in on my obsession with snowmen next. I love them.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Student of the week

My kid was the student of the week, cause he's got it like that.
One of the moms in the class made them those little vests. It cracks me up how seriously they take their jobs.
So yeah I have turned into one of those moms. That blog about their student of the week kid and put their honor student bumper sticker on the car. My poor kids though they better be honor students here since when we get to the states I won't put bumper stickers on. Only on my junker van I sport here.
I have like three posts to finish. I am such a slacker.
Let me get to work on that.
Have a great week.