Monday, February 23, 2009

Okinawa Marathon 2009

Today I watched the marathon. I checked the map to see if they would be running past our housing area. They were we waited around till they made it to our neck of the woods and went to see if I could spot someone I knew.
Something interesting about Okinawa they have them run in one lane and the lane next to them is open for traffic. It is the strangest thing.
ALSO I was standing outside of Post by the gate and they were actually stopping the runners to let people in and out of the gate. It was insane.
These are a few pics of the colorful characters out running today. I will get on tomorrow and post the rest plus the crazy traffic stops.

I can promise you that if i eer run a marathon. I won't wear a crazy outfit. Though the cow guy had a bell and maybe the ringing helped pace him.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Learning to ride

For some reason today seemed to be the day to teach my son to ride a bike. My husband took off the training wheels bought and attached a kick stand and away they went. They started around 2 with the bike upgrades.
He wanted me to stand out there watching but I figured this would take a few days of practice and I left to pick up my Girl Scout from thinking day.
I hit the grocery store and got home three hours later. When I arrived home my husband was sweaty and E, my son, was excited.
We ran outside for him to show me what he could do I was amazed to find he is riding. Really well actually. Doing turns at the end of our parking lot. It was awesome.
I was video taping and as he rides by he says "mom, are you recording?" I say yeah and he starts smiling. Such a ham.
Here is the proof.
He is very excited for his Tata and Grammy to see these pictures on our blog.

Now in this picture my husband has some crazy face but I still like it.

If only I could learn awesome new skills in three hours. Oh, also when he was getting started one time he tried to put his foot on the pegs and do a trick. What is it about boys. They crack me up!

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Today was a very nice day. I got a lot done in the house today, the weather was beautiful here. We went to a fun BBQ. I will link from a friends blog with the pics when she gets them up.
Then I came home and had to make smores for Girl Scout thinking day. I still am not sure what that means but I am helping make the smores to give out.
I made them in my oven and in four minutes.
Oh yes 4 minutes and I did not have to sit on a rock or sharpen a stick or twist apart a clothes hanger. My hair doesn't even smell like camp fire!!
I am feeling very much like Martha Stewart though she would have made her own marsh for the marshmallows. By the way why do I call them marshmEllows?
OK I just looked at the bag and saw that there is a recipe for indoor smores right on the bag. Geez I thought I was cool looking that stuff up online.
I will add my twist was the chocolate chips.
I can't take credit for that either really. Since her GS leader just dropped off the supplies.
oh well they still were pretty cool. If your out and about tomorrow and live on Okinawa. Swing by the gym on Foster and see this thinking day deal and go get a smore.

Don't they look tasty. The chips did actually melt.
Have a blessed day!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Arizona Cardinals

I still love you!
I will wear my Arizona sweatshirt all day. I don't care, well I do care and I was sick to my stomach there at the end.
You rock though, you made it to the Super Bowl and that is awesome.

Plus that was a really good game. You have to love an exciting Super Bowl.

Something you may not know.
We watch the super bowl at 8 am on Monday. We get it live too. Our super bowl parties would consist of breakfast foods. Or as one lady told me about at a basketball, game beer pancakes. yuck.
Also a little tidbit. We do not get any commercials. So we didn't see any of the cool ones during the game.
Hmmm what else....
OH my husband was off work for the game. The military is always good about letting the guys off for the Super Bowl. Gotta love that. Plus he was going for the Cards and that is very important.

Now in other time zones the game is played live as well but they have to watch it at 2 o'clock in the morning, or some craziness. They then get the next day off.
Gotta love AFN getting us live coverage of the Super Bowl. Actually of all NFL games.
AFN stands for Armed Forces Network. In case you are wondering.
So my dear Cardinals. Don't feel to bad, you made it all the way didn't you?
I have to say if the Buccaneers and the Cardinals could play in the Super Bowl it would be an interesting day at my house. Good thing they are in the same conference.

Hey dad and Daniel. We will win it next year.
Love you guys!