Friday, March 27, 2009

An earthquake

I finally felt my first earthquake. I woke up in the early morning to my husband yelling "earthquake!" the windows shaking he said that was what woke him up. I woke up because of the yell not the shaking. It seemed pretty long but not very violent.
I wish I was more alert since I cannot really remember how it felt. It was just really odd. It was so upsetting I went back to sleep for a few more hours. I did one of these. "Oh wow it is an earthquake, haha crazy, zzzzzzzz."
We looked it up and it wasn't to strong in our neck of the woods. I missed the last one somehow while in the commissary.
So that is all the news today.
I do have a crazy dog story, but that will be for another time.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Games

Yesterday we had the first soccer games of the season. We had one at 9:00 one at 10:30 and one at 1:30. Ahh good times.
It was a blast though. Here are some pics to make you feel as though you were there.

Game #1 The Freedom Fighters.
J is on that team. She has never played before and so we were wondering how she would do. She isn't scared of anything out there. She laid out boys who were much taller than her. She stayed after that ball and did an awesome job. I am really proud of her.
She started out with cute pigtails. She is on the right.

When she was getting in there the hair came out.

Snack, the best part of a game!

The guys watching her play.

Game #2 the VIPERS
E played this one. He was so excited. He was Goal keeper first. See the team lined up and he is at the very end in red. Telling the team bring it on!
They get to have a parent get their attention when the ball is coming.
And he gets it! He is not afraid either.

Taking it down the field. He scored a goal. Then after that play he yells "mom, I am going to need candy!" Ahh the skittle bribe is coming back to bite me.

Who knew running through parents arms was so fun!

Game #3 The SPARTANS.
I, plays this one. (It isn't my grammar her name starts with I.)These are the older kids and it is Really exciting.
She has never played before and we just didn't know what to expect. I don't think she did either. She got in there and stayed with that ball. I was really proud of how she played. towards the end of the game. She SCORED! We jumped up screaming it was very fun! She had a great time and really that is all that matters. Though you wouldn't know it from the yelling in the stands. Holy cow.

It is harder to get close ups when you can't get right on the field. Plus your lens stinks. (-:

The kids are pretty cool on her team.

They have the biggest uniforms EVER! She had fun obviously, and felt great about that goal. We went to cinnibon to celebrate.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Soccer season

It is that time of year again. Time for me to run around like a crazy person dropping kids off, picking them up and sitting and talking to relative strangers about the weather and where to buy glasses while my children run around a field chasing a ball. Good times.

I have three in soccer. The oldest decided not to play. She has to pick a sport to try though. I think she is going to swim.
So far I have gotten pictures of the youngest two playing. The oldest girl is on a team that runs around like crazy doing speed drills and other such horrificness. I realize that is not a term but her coaches are four single marines. Let me tell you, it looks like horrificness.

The first practice anyone had was in the rain. They had the eight yr olds out there running around getting soaked. It was pretty crazy but I grabbed a plastic grocery bag, used a hair band and took the camera out to get some pictures. Not being able to see through the view finder was something I hadn't considered. She had the best time.

Next up was the boy child. He was dreading soccer, until he went to practice and now he loves it. Yesterday was his second practice and let me tell you I am impressed with him. He got in the car and said "mom, I was aggressive out there!"

I have made a strange deal with my kids.
Every time they are aggressive and go after the ball especially if someone else is after it. They get a skittle. They don't have to steal it, just stay after it. So he decided yesterday he was aggressive six times and so he got six skittles. I started this strange rule after the first practice when another player would come running up, my daughter would immediately back off. She isn't known to back off much in life so why on the field? Bribes help. She is getting in there now.

My older one is enjoying the running. She likes her team and the kids on it. I will get pictures of her on Tuesday.
OH the names of the teams are ...

My sons team is the VIPERS. they are the 4-6 year olds
next the FREEDOM FIGHTERS. They are 7-8 I think.
They oldest are the SPARTANS. My kid voted for the killer Pandas. She was out voted.

I will get a pic of them in uniform as soon as we get them back with names on it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Horrible blogger

So sorry I have been neglecting you. I have been busy. Doing what you ask.
Let me think.... Ok So in the month of Feb. I had an AFAP conference that I volunteered at. That was a long week. I would leave here at say 7:30 and get home between 5-5:30. I had a blast though and the people we worked with were awesome.
Also in Feb. I helped plan a chili cook off for our battalion. It went well, I actually didn't even eat any of the chili. I may go poach some pictures of my neighbors blog. She was at both of those events.

My favorite thing we did this month is bike ride. We took the kids and their bikes to Comprehensive park. This huge park here. We then rented bikes for the two of us. They cost 300 yen a piece So about $6.00. We then rode all around that park for a couple of hours. We would stop and feed the fish and turtles. Get some drinks from the vending machines. Elijah is now riding without training wheels so that was interesting watching him try to weave between people.
I can't think of anything else exciting.
The elementary school had a dance so we all went. I actually do have pictures of that.

I found pictures of something else exciting.
My oldest is on the Honor roll. ye haw. I went to her awards ceremony.

I told she should have really smiled. Check out that sucka. High honors and Highest honors. Nice! I will add that now she has a C in math. Good thing they don't make you take off the bumper sticker when your kid gets more involved in being social and less in algebra.

Next post. Soccer. Oh yes we have three kids playing. Plus all the girls are still in Ballet. I do a lot of driving around.
Have a blessed day.