Friday, July 2, 2010


The two little ones joined Ju-jitsu. The two older girls are in girl defense class. They have only been twice but they already love it. Getting pics of the older ones is going to be harder since I am going to be in the class with them!
First I have to show you J's new hair cut. She found a picture that she wanted she knows exactly what she wanted. Now maybe you will recognize her in the fighting pics!

Already the kids are throwing people around. Ahh good times.
All of them practicing some moves.

Getting in there to fix his position.

After J tossed this kid over her back. Her first major flip.

E nd his partner. They were evenly matched and went round and round.

J throwing one of E's friend. He was not excepting that. His dad was yelling, "are you going to get beat by a girl." In the end neither of them tapped out.

I have another post up for later of our recap of the months before this. I just had to get this on because as I was taking pics E asked, "mom, will you put me on the blog?" He was so excited.

My mom made said that she likes that girls learn to defend themselves but we try and teach boys not to hit girls then we have them choking them out in class. What do you think about that?
Hmm. Hope E doesn't tackle a girl bully on the playground and make her tap out. He will just have to get his sister to take care of her I guess.