Sunday, August 31, 2008

Comprehensive park part 2

Those stairs (above) led to these stairs below. That is not sweat, they got their hair wet in the bathroom.

This was at the top of the staris. Paths to the left and right then up ahead see the blue in the distance. The ocean. This place is so awesome. Now we went straight and there are playgrounds up there. Those pics are next.

PLaygrounds. Yahoo. The girls played with a japanese girl on that thing. They had a great time.

We found this apple thing and decided that it would be agreat ball to play catch with. First my husband and I played, then the boys played.

Man these kids are climbers! We had so much fun.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Comprehensive park part I

Today we went down the road to Comprehensive park. It is this very large place with everything you could want to do. It is late here and my brain just isn't working as it should.
So we had a blast. Here are some pictures of feeding coy fish, playing on the parks. Another really pretty pond, turtles and fireworks. I have some more cool pics of my kids but I will add those tomorrow under part 2. goodnight all.

Oh check out the little girl in the right bottom corner.

Not my husband in the background but another Filipino guy with a green and white striped shirt khakis and tennis shoes. haha I just realized that while looking at pics. They were such nice people. New to Okinawa, really sweet.

When we got home there were fireworks in the backyard. Well out one of the gates but WE were in the backyard.

Then we came in popped some popcorn and watched Camp Rock. I like that soundtrack. I may have Stockholm syndrome since I sing along and have favorites. I need help. (-:
How was your week. Please be safe this weekend and enjoy the time off.
More pics tomorrow.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vegetable delivery??

I had been reading on Okinawahai about the wonderful vegetables that I can have delivered from freshinoki
I got online, did my ordering and this is what was delivered by a very nice woman. I ordered the large veg and and the large fruit. Yummy.
We had the best time trying to figure out what some of those things were. It was great though. My kids tried everything. Here are a few things we got in our cool bags o vegetables.


Yummy.yum. yum. yum.
I know I have been slacking on the whole blog. I will get back on the wagon. Not the drinking wagon, geez the blogging wagon. But I should be falling off the blogging wagon. Maybe I have been sitting on the wagon. Oh forget it I don't know. I am going to wikipedia to find out, it only has the truth on that sucka.
ALSO please note the links located in the top off this post. That is my first attempt at links IN the blog. I have to say after seeing my own name linked in Aviva's Blog I have thought oh my heck I have to learn that fantastic trick. I admit I can be a little slow, shush it.
Keep an eye out for links to YOUR blogs!! ohhh yeah I am on a roll.

Monday, August 25, 2008

1st day of school

Today was the first day of school for the girls. My youngest doesn't go till next week. So here are my girls all ready for the new year.

Her friend rode with her to school on the first day.

The younger ones get to walk. That is the school playground we are on and that is my building right up the stairs. Convenient.

She is ready for her day. She is also the one who will let me take pictures in her class still. She isn't to cool for me yet.

I also had a meeting with the kindergarten teacher. She is a sweet sweet woman. We are blessed with all the teachers this year. None compare to Mrs. Kinard. She is the best teacher EVER. I am not just saying that because she reads our blog either!!
After school was fun to hear about their day. I cannot believe school has started again. Geez
I have another post about our last day before school started. Plus the veges I had delivered. See I may disappear for a while but when I get back to blogging I down load all the pics and go to town.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wago family land

So sorry we haven't posted lately. We have been running around getting ready for school.
Last week we visited Wago Family land. We had a great time. It is an indoor play place the first floor has pool tables, karaoke rooms (you get your own room, in case you didn't know. No killing the people next to you softly with your song!)
Second floor, bouncing place for the little ones and video games that are free. Air hocky, and the roof trampolines and batting cages.
Here we are.... He was playing airhockey with this Japanese kid. They were having a blast.

Now, I don't condone violence but it was hilarious to watch them play this game. They are sword fighting & these girls are serious.

A boxing game.

She was skating or surfing... To fun!

This kid is a monkey.

SO the girls are at school and I will be posting a few more today. I have been slacking. Thanks Amy for the note!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Underwater Camera

My oldest just turned 13. When all that happened I am not sure. I still feel the same as I did when she was 2. Anyhoo, the point is we bought her among other things a digital camera that has an underwater housing. She has been gracious enough to let us use it when we go swimming. Here is our newest and most favorite hobby. Trying to pose for pics while underwater. Can't wait to take this snorkeling.
We swam till 9 p.m. these were after the sun went down. She loves to to flip underwater. By now the big girls had gone to the deep end. OH I would like to say, ALL three girls passed their swim test. The oldest last week and the younger last night. They did so awesome.

eyes wide open.. freaky

I leave you with a video we took. You can't really hear anything because it is in the water proof house. Oh except me laughing like my mom and aunts. Because we are super loud laughers.