Friday, October 23, 2009

School dance

It was the first dance of the school year and the first dance for my 6th grader. She was excited to go and my oldest was going to take pictures for the yearbook.
I had to bust out the camera for that one.
Had to show this one because she had me curl her hair.

The girls with the neighbor who was also going.

They came home with lots of stories. They danced and had a great time.
I guess M took lots of pictures and is enjoying her new job.
I was just reading a friends blog who posted about her daughters first homecoming.
Let me just say I am so not ready for that.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hello there...

I was just informed my mom sent this blog address out to all her friends on facebook.
Can you hold on a sec while I throw the laundry on the couch into my bedroom.
whew ok..
Hello, come on in... how are you all? Nice to meet you. Look around, leave some comments. It is great to have you.
Special shout out to my mom's new friend Tracy. (hope I spelled that right)
Isn't my mom the most fun ever. I mean besides me. (-: ha

Have a great day, I am now going to work on a real post about our last month or so.
It has been busy though by the looks of the ole' blog you wouldn't think so.
So come on back later and there should be a new post or three up.
You know after I fold the laundry.