Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stolen from Joelle

I stole this off of Joelle's blog.

We were cracking up.

Have a great day.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Meet my dog

I realized I haven't introduced you to my dog.

My mom just sent me this picture of my baby. His name is Followee. He is the black/gray one. Not that crazy furry one. Well mine was a crazy furry one, then my mom got a hold of him with clippers. That is another long story for different day.
We have had Followee for 8 years. We love him to pieces but I didn't want to put my old man on a plane all the way here. Not when he can get spoiled by the grandparents. He also lived with my parents when we went to Korea. He was my moms company when my dad was deployed.

I had to edit this when I realized two things. #1 I didn't tell you my moms dogs name. He is Simba. He is a sweet dog as well. Really pretty.
#2 you notice how that pic really is all about Simba. What's up with that? I wrote the following BEFORE I realized my mom took a pic of her dog. My dog just happened to be in the shot. That's what I think. Of course I am joking. Sort of. (now I had to go fix my spelling of course,geez)

Have I mentioned at all through this blog how awesome my parents are. They are the most awesomest. You read that right. Who else takes your dog for years at a time and will fly to random countries to visit you. Oh your parents do that too, oh and you over there in the computer chair, yours too. Well what ever mine are still the most awesomest. so there.
Back to my dog, geez. Trips to the lake are always fun. We had a boat so he had to have a life vest too.

Playing with the kids. Oh he is sweet.

He is the best dog EVER!

Have a great day. I promise soon to actually leave my house and get some pictures of Okinawa again. I did go to the Garlic house, took my camera and totally forgot to take pics. More soon.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We've got spirit yes we do

We've got spirit, how bout you?
Hello, hello, well whatever, My girls have spirit and yours can too for 30 dollars and 4 hours.
Cheer camp ladies and gentlemen, my girls went to cheer camp. (Heather, stop laughing.(-:) So I take my 7 year old at 8 am. to the highschool across the street and drop her off. 8am on a Saturday. The earlybird learns the cheer I guess. When I returned at 11:30 to pick her up we got a treat, showing us what they learned.
She takes routines very seriously,

She was not about to mess that up. I just asked her what she thought about cheer camp, she says "it was good, it helps you with jumps, it's really really fun."

Then at 1:00 the big girls got to go. We went to watch them perform at 4:30. She has a look on her face that cracked me up.

She participated, did all the things they learned. Her sister came home telling me that when they were practicing their yelling, the cheerleader said "let me hear you yell" and she screamed "APPLESAUCE!" I was cracking up. When I just had her tell me again what the word was since I couldn't remember. She said well next I could have yelled "CREAMCHEESE!" and she yelled it like a cheerleader. She is so funny.
I wonder what she is yelling in this picture? I asked her what she thought of cheerleading. She said "suckish", ahh good to know.

Who's happy about cheer camp, SHE IS!!

That looks very cheerleadery to me.

All that smiling and chearleadery poses won her the spirit stick. WOWZERS. I may have created a monster.

We get home it was a fun day, I was thinking ok I could used to the idea. Though I always thought we would be watching them play the sports, not cheering for the sports. hmmm
Then I am watching a little T.V. (taking a break from unpacking) the show that was on it THS investigates. The topic, CHEERLEADING. I popped some popcorn and settled in to see what they discovered. HOLY COW. They had girls on there who were paralyzed from being dropped, who had died. It was nuts.
Not to mention the outfits they wear now. What the heck? So ridiculously short. The makeup was horrific. Here are a few scary pics.
These are highschool girls, seriously. I just couldn't let my kid go out the door like that.
After that show I watched I only see traumatic brain injury when I see this.

plus look at the makeup they have to wear to competitions. YIKES double YIKES!

I think we're going to take them to tennis lessons next, the outfits are just as short I guess but the brain injuries are less likely. It also may be less suckish. In closing I would like to start this again..

We've got spirit yes we do, We've got spirit how bout YOU??

Saturday, September 20, 2008

moving in

It might seem strange that the title of this is moving in. We have been here since June 5th. We moved into housing a couple of weeks later and NOW we have our stuff.
The packers were friendly, super fast, and sweating like crazy. It was a humid day.
I have gotten a lot of things unpacked but to document for my husband how horrible it was I took some pictures.
Here is my heaven (my stuff is here) and my Hell(I have to unpack it all my self)
oh my gosh the living room. So scary.

boxes of toys and clothes. lots of toys.

clothes. Seriously and shoes. one box had lamps.
They wrapped each pair individually. That box is still in the closet. I went this long with out strappy heels. I will be fine.

Geez, that is sort of embarrasing. A whole box of purses.

those clothes boxes don't include the boxes that had our clothes that were already on hangers!

I am still wondering how I got away with only a few Kitchen boxes.
It is so compforting to know everything was packaged with such care the dust wasn't even disturbed. Oh except the T.V. is broken. Good thing we were going to get a new one.

One of the kids rooms. lots of things to go through.

This is 7,000 of stuff. Mostly clothes. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You should see my moms closet. (-: hi mom

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Comment Spam

This morning I found I have had my first comment spam incident. I had 17 comments from Penny stocks, some myspace layout place, and some investment thing. The comments were pretty funny. Like "I like it" and "glad to know you get a lot of hits" umm thanks.
I never had the word verification thing on here to help out a few of my relatives who have a hard time reading the words. You know who you are!! (-:
It is back on. What the heck, I hate those things. Oh well and why me? For a minute I thought I was getting some love from my blogger peeps. NOOOOOOOOOOOO I was not getting any love. I was getting spam. Not the tasty spam they serve here on Okinawa.

Like this deliciousness.
Oh well.

have a great day.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

our week well sort of

Typhoon??? I think if I wanted a storm I should have stayed in Louisiana. They have been hit to much this season. Hey ya'll, I miss you. Your are in our thoughts! (the ya'll is only for those in LA, and other related southern states.)

Today was the day we were supposed to originally get hit. No dice.

Instead I talked to my husband who is in the states right now. He has been eating out at some cool places and shopping at some even better places. Then we met up to see a friends little boy compete in a Lego competition. He is one of those kids that can build anything, just from his imagination. Gotta love that. We had an hour before judging so my kids whipped up some Lego vehicle. The boxes have instructions.
Why does that Lego guy look mad. Weird.

This last week the elementary school had a walk in honor of Sept 11th. It was so great to see the participation.
The pledge, the kindergarten classes did not do the 1/2 a mile walk but came out in support. See him on the far right.

She is always looking her best with matching bucs hat and her water being carried in her spike and ella purse. They are just waiting to get started.

The walk, and more walking.

So I am going to bed now. Hopefully some info on the typhoon passing by us this week.
Have a great day.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

typhoon tease

We were going to get a HUGE typhoon but seems it has turned and is missing us. I stole/borrowed this picture from Aviva
Thanks girl your pictures even off the Internet are better! what is the deal with that. We are the Naha we are just north of that city. I know some of my friends in the states still have no idea where we are located.

Just for you to see how tiny we really are. I know you like my crazy ghetto writing. If you can't see it well click on the picture and it will get bigger.
This was us a day or so ago. Now we are just gonna get some rain nothing major.

OH good news, our household goods are finally on island. YEAH we get them delivered next week. YAHOO.
Nice how the husband is in the states when our shipment comes. Suspicious..... (-;
Just joking babe!!
Miss you.

Have a great weekend and I will keep you posted right off Aviva' blog!
Have a good night/day

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The last few days

What a week, the boybarian went to his first two days of kindergarten. You've seen the pictures. While he was there on Friday I went to Zumba at the gym. It is a mixture of latin and hip hop dancing. So much fun and a serious workout. The instructor is hilarious and beautiful. I am not just saying that because she is filipina. Really I'm not. Ok well I am partial to the Filipinos but what ever. Still she is adorable and can dance like no bodies business.
On the way home from Zumba I stopped at the Navy base and went to look at their gift shops. They are really nice. Check them out if you live here. This is what I bought.

So far, the last two days they are geared up to get that thing filled up. I need to come up with something for the older two.
So Friday night we walked to McDonald's. It is out one of our gates. The kids got ice cream and since I had been to Zumba, I got a coke zero. I need some pictures to go along with this. let me see what I can rustle up.
This isn't our McDonalds but I like how the words Food and drinks are in English and nothing else. At our McD's they have a laminated menu one side is Japanese one side English!! A little pointing and you are good to go.

we hung out at the house most of the day, then we went to comprehensive park. To clarify this is not an American park. It is right down the road from our base. It is HUGE. Oh I already told you about the park a few posts down. well we like it a lot.
Oh this is funny there are tombs all over. When we would be walking by the boybarian said "there are tombs, DON'T POINT!" I think he said that 20 times. Let me ask him Why he said that. Ok I just got the craziest explanation. Involving it being bad and ghostis. (that is the plural of ghost in case your wondering)

We picked up some burger king and had a picnic dinner out there. Fed the turtles with our leftover fries and played till it was dark. We LOVE that park. On the way home we stopped at the Living Square Design stores OH how I love thee.
I am going back so more on that later.
We are having fun hanging out. Checking out the town.
I hope you all had a great weekend.

Friday, September 5, 2008

After school

After school, this kid walks out. Oh that boy is sweetie.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

His First day of School

He was sorta geared up for school. When I woke him up he said "I never even said I wanted to go to school." He is morning person like his mama.
The other girls were already gone but this one stayed to take pics with him. Seems she is going to wear that shirt on every ones first day.

He wouldn't let me take him to get his hair cut. If it was cut, he couldn't spike it. So true. Anyhoo, how cute is this boy... not quite sure.

Is this better, so cute right? Still not sure...

See I told you he was adorable. Gotta love the fake smile. I trained him well. haha

This is his nervous face. Note the biting of the cheek. His class is awesome his teacher is amazing. It is going to be a great year.

His teacher. Mrs. Russel. She is adorable.

I did not cry. Though he went to preschool last year so he knows all about going to school. I cried last year though like a baby.
OH man I forgot to get a pic of his Ben 10 back pack. Sheez. I will get one after school.
What is that noise I hear in the background...
It sounds beautiful.