Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ballet Recital

The recital was awesome. We had a great time watching the girls do their thing. I cannot believe how much they have grown since they each started ballet at three.
check them out. It was all about fairy tales. M is a witch, I was a fox and the rabbit from Alicein wonderland, J was a mouse and a fairy.

This is after dress rehearsal, we rock the rain boots here.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Who wants to snorkel?

The weather was so pretty, we thought we would snorkel.
We got all the stuff we need which here means a yellow floating vest deal.
Yes, that is the technical name.
So we rented those and were off.
We went to Maeda Flats one of our favorite places, and got in. HOLY COW, it was cold.
There were tons of people there in wet suits, and there we were in swimsuits. brrrrr
It was really cool though we saw some great fish.
M and Dino were out snorkeling much longer than the rest of us. Then even when he came in that girl was still out there. She loves the water. She is looking forward to getting dive certified this summer.

The tide was starting to come in when we were done. So the kids played in the tide pools. They had some sort of Sea cucumber nursery going. It was so funny to listen to them.
Here is one squirting that "water" out of it.

Playing with sea creatures.

Jazz hands

They were over there forever just watching this ugly fish go in and out of a hole.

They didn't even realize I was that close.

She came out of the water with two star fish. They were awesome.

Then you know because he is always up for fun he lets us put it on his head.

This kid is a ham. He cracks us up.

Here are some up close shots of them. So pretty.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My feet are excited

We had a birthday party at the beach yesterday. J had been there all day but we were picking her up at the end of the day. I know enough to bring the kids swimsuits when we will be anywhere near the ocean. On the way there E said "oh my feet are excited! They haven't been in the ocean in forever."

We weren't there for 5 minutes when they were all in the chilly water. M is always looking for something cool and she just kept jumping off that floating pier thing.

Ahh can you see the blow fish. The girls chased it up to the beach so we could take some pics. So fun.

Pointing to the fish.

My fish finders.

Had to get a shot of her right before we left.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring break take ll

Ice skating!!
One of our kids turned 12 this week and she wanted to go ice skating. She had gone with her class so she liked being able to show us how to do everything from paying to skating.
It may seem odd to go ice skating on a sub tropical island during spring break. You know I think we are a little odd so it worked for us.
I couldn't believe how well the kids did, it was great. I also could not believe how tired we were after three hours.
You could rent these ice chairs. We got one half way through for fun. It was a blast. I liked it when they pushed me around. They also had little tyke cars on rails. Some Americans had their little boy in one of those.
When we got there we had the ice to ourselves. By the time we left it was getting packed.
They had helmets for the kids. My oldest has very few pictures since we made her wear one. After a couple hours and her not falling we let her take it off. Then I could get a picture!

They played American music and the girls danced around the ice.

We had a great time.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break 2009

The kids are off this week and The husband took leave so he is home all week.
We have been trying to see some sights and do cool things, then get back home in time for extra ballet practice and soccer practice.

Here are some pictures of the places we went this week. First up.
Fukushu-en Chinese Gardens
This is a beautiful garden right in the middle of Naha. We spent about two hours just walking around feeding the fish, turtles and pigeons. (I have pictures of that nastiness too)
It reminded me of a garden I went to in Korea with my mom when she came to visit us there.

They played with turtles and fed fish then fed pigeons, they thought that was so fun. I guess they don't know they are nasty birds. blech.