Friday, October 31, 2008

Playing catch up or is it ketchup?

I need to get on this thing and post. I cannot remember all the things I have not posted about so in no particular order Here are the pictures.

Aquarium, they are playing kung fu panda. Or something like that.

This cool park we went to after school. We had the best time.

This one is for all my friends living in cold climates. This is Today. As in Oct 31.
Who wants to visit???

They gave her boobs. What is wrong with my kids. holy cow. Notice sand on her goggles. The sun was in her eyes.

she asked them to do this. Gets you out of any work I guess.

There are many many more but I got sidetracked and will do them later.
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You say it's your birthday....

Today is the birthday of a new friend. She is just a cool mix of personality you can't always find. I thought to honor her I would put Madonna on here. When it's your birthday it should be a holiday! Plus I could see her dressing like Madoona back in the day.

Get out of those computer chairs and dance, you know you want to....


check out the dancing in that video. That is good stuff right there.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

what a weekend

We had a busy week and then a busy weekend.
I will get more on tomorrow in between laundry but for now my kids, at least they are all looking at the camera.

That boy always trying to be funny. The little girl wanted to have them sit like we did in some pictures when the girls were little.

We had fall festival at the little kids school then a Luau with the girl scouts. That was Sat.
Sunday we went back up to the aquarium, it was so crowded but we still had fun.
Here are our favorites. The manatee.

They learned to hula those pics are next.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lets go fly a kite

We live across the street from a base ball field. A great place to fly our kites. We were out there this weekend and it was sort of fun. The wind would really pick up then die down. The wind was coming between those huge buildings in the background.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.
You can barely see him holding on to that kite.

What we saw every few minutes. A nose dive.

The above is why she is trying to take cover.

She caught air in this one trying to get the kite up, now this is nothing compared to Aviva's picture of her people in the air but maybe I am just a sucker for jumping shots.

Next post will be all about jumping, you would be surprised how many things I have them jumping off of. Plus the two youngest really just like jumping.

This is my son mad about the wind messing up his kite and giving me a dirty look for taking pictures when he is mad.

Then he comes out of it pretty quickly.

Notice how the husband is flying the cute penguin kite. He needs a manly kite.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My mom is a nut

This is the latest in my dog pictures. I would like to point out how well he is taking this. He is so easy going.

How cute is that dog? I swear he is the cutest dog EVER. I was on the phone when they were taking them. My dad had the phone and was cracking up.
Guess they are trick or treating. NO kids home anymore, no grand kids, so they take the dogs. Just drive to the store and get some candy for goodness sake.
Kiss followee for me. I miss him.
I fear a pink tutu is next.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ipod, ihome

When we first moved here my husband bought me an ipod player for the house. I love that thing it is the best. While unpacking I was dragging it upstairs then down so I always have music.
So while doing the unpacking I find that our alarm clock is broken. So we picked up an ihome Saturday. An alarm clock, ipod player and all around fun new toy. Here it is in black. I got mine in white.

You can make a morning play list and it will wake you with that, or the radio or an alarm. good times. I also love how stinking loud this thing is. HOLY COW. I had it blasting when I was rearranging the kids rooms yesterday. It was super loud. Oh and a cord to plug in your non ipod mp3 players.
The point of this post is to tell you I woke to, Take on me, by Aha. The high note in that song will have you awake faster than anything I have encountered.
Now I can sleep through most anything. Really it is ridiculous. But the high note in this song. No way. I tried. For the first verse I was cool. If you have forgotten your Aha songs, which I am disappointed in check out the video here.

I'm AWAKE! geez. Plus I am feeling a little peppy.
Tomorrow a little Midnight Oil. I bet those guys will wake me up. I need a play list that could wake the dead. Send me your choices. Or if you run into me in the streets tell me a song you KNOW would wake you up. I can always use the help in the waking up department.


If you are not Heather, feel free not to watch this video.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shout outs

The thing about the military is, we live in interesting places make the coolest friends ever. Then the down side. We move. I actually do not mind the moving. I cry just like everyone else when I am leaving my friends but I am geared up for new places and new friends. We have a lot of great friends in Louisiana. One family that we were really close with reads this blog all the time and just sent my husband a picture. I love watching him when he gets pics from these guys. He just sits in front of the screen smiling! This guy is his best friend. They are our family.
I wanted to put this picture up since he is obviously trying to make my husband cry that he can't get on the lake. I do have the pics of my husband going deep sea fishing. He says it just isn't as fun. I really just thought one type of fishing is as boring, I mean fun as the next.

Don't let his gruff exterior fool you, he is the sweetest man. The very best guy for anyone to call a best friend. His wife is mine, (feel better, we are praying for you!)
When we moved to LA, I really thought we would never ever go back there. Not even to visit. Then we got entangled in the lives of so many there. Our church, our friends. Now we will making many, many trips back. Sometimes when you meet people they are just friends. Other times they become part of you extended family.
Thank goodness I don't have to send Christmas presents to all the people I consider family.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Catching up

I have random things to blurt out here.
She flew her kite at the baseball field across the street. It was to fun. She made her kite at Japanese culture class, it was awesome.

Check these two out putting our tarp up so we have shade in our porch. Good guys.

We have some yard help now too. Gotta love having help.

She comes way cheaper then the yard ninjas you can hire here.

Haircuts. The two little girls got haircuts. I didn't take pictures till yesterday.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I unpacked all the clothes boxes that were in my closet. There were six filled with clothes and one of shoes. Why did I not bring all my shoes? I can't remember why. Great reason to keep buying shoes.
Not really blog worthy, the unpacking of boxes but you know a happy day for ME!
Now I will move to the kids closets. Seemed like a great place to put boxes when I was setting up their rooms. Not so much anymore.
I will leave you with a picture. Not of boxes or clothes, but a picture of my honey.
Followee. My mom sent this to me. He hurt his foot so my mom got him an umbrella stroller to go for walks. He loves a stroller, it is all the strolling my girls used to do to him when he was young. He loves it, he'll actually growl if you try to get him out and he's not ready. He's the best. Now if she could get a picture of my brothers strolling him around the yard and culdesac. I have awesome brothers too.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Don't Vote

Don't watch with your two year old that may copy everything they hear. There is cussing.

Do you know in 1920 women finally had the right to vote throughout the nation. That was 88 years ago. 88 years. That is not that long ago. Our great grandmothers, our grandmothers, some of your mothers fought for our rights. Now it is our turn to exercise our right to vote. It is a privilege. One I feel like we take to lightly. I don't really care who you vote for. Just vote because the women who came before us, would be super mad if they went through all that drama for us not to go online and request an absentee ballot. I mean we just sit on our butts, do a little clicking around. Boom they will mail you a ballot.
NOW if you live in the states and get to vote. Yeah for you. Get in that booth, take your daughters/sons. Show them how it is done.

Oh dang I just fell off my soapbox and hurt my knee.