Friday, October 23, 2009

School dance

It was the first dance of the school year and the first dance for my 6th grader. She was excited to go and my oldest was going to take pictures for the yearbook.
I had to bust out the camera for that one.
Had to show this one because she had me curl her hair.

The girls with the neighbor who was also going.

They came home with lots of stories. They danced and had a great time.
I guess M took lots of pictures and is enjoying her new job.
I was just reading a friends blog who posted about her daughters first homecoming.
Let me just say I am so not ready for that.

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Isla Familia said...

I looks soooo pretty and bigger! I see the neighbors are still your neighbors :o) And yes....homecoming was an anxiety-ridden weekend! But surprisingly drama free...this year. Miss ya and tell M....starting early on the photography thing is something I think we both wished we had done at her age and to HAVE FUN with it!!! HOLLA!!!