Sunday, May 31, 2009


I named this blog entry "update" for a couple of reasons.
1. I couldn't think of anything fun to name it.
and B. I will attempt to update you on our where abouts.

I have had some complaints that I haven't been posting here. That alone cracks me up. They are my fans though and you have to satisfy the fans. So Mom, Renee. This is for you.

Let me think, what have we been doing? I told you about soccer, and running, ohhhh
ok so my oldest daughter made the swim team. The youngest is trying out on the 15th.
That should be fun.
I am getting dive certified. It is going well. I did have the assumption the wet suit was going to be like spanx. ahh no such luck. I think the best motivator for anyone to eat right and exercise is to take all their clothes and make them wear a wet suit. EVERYDAY!

I also took an AFTB instructor training course. Then I taught a class. It was fun and a super small class so I wasn't even scared. It may surprise some people to know i do not like to speak in front of crowds. I am a mess when I have to. I figure practice has to help. We will see.
I have some cool info on my girls but i will do their own post. With pictures yeah
Have a great day!

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Jen said...

Woman! Why are you never on Facebook? People (me) are trying to talk to you there, so get yo hiney on over there!