Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Scuba Diving

It is official, I am a certified Scuba diver.
I spent all of last week either in water or learning what to do when in water. We had quizzes and then a final. A scuba final! Who knew.
Saturday was a really busy day, I had my first open water dive,
Sunday I had my 3rd and 4th dive. It was a boat dive and we went out up past Onna.
It was AMAZING! The visibility was 70-80 feet, I saw the coolest fish, the ones in the front saw a six foot Barracuda. I missed it, and I wasn't really sad to miss that giant thing. A bat fish
came right up to me then followed us all around.
There were a few of them just hanging around us. I also got to see a
sea snake.
It wasn't as big as that, but cool just the same.
I had a blast on those boat dives, we went on a boat with Capt. Dave. He can be found at okidiving.com
A very cool guy. If you are looking to fish or dive check him out. Tell him I sent you. (-:
We are going to go diving next weekend.
It is going to be a fun summer.


Charity said...

Congrats! Sure looks like a lot of fun.

Liza said...

Fun! Except for that barracuda and the sea snake!