Monday, November 16, 2009

2009 Special Olympics

This is the second year we have been able to volunteer at the Special Olympics. Once again it was amazing. We ran the Soccer event and had a great time cheering for the athletes. Here are a few of the pics I got that day.
This guy loved taking pictures with his mom's camera. He has a picture of me now too. We took turns posing with our peace signs.

Here he is so proud of his medal. Look at those faces. I swear I could do this all day. It is the BEST!

This guy had so much joy. You could not help but smile when he was around.

He struck this pose right when I pulled out the camera. Had to love that.

An action shot, they were serious about these games.

This lady was so cool. She wasn't signed up for the soccer event but came by saying she would like to try. She got out there with her Friend and kicked them all in. She didn't miss one. The best part was her figuring out how to get her friend to swing the chair out for a better angle. She was awesome and got the gold. After, we were laughing that her friend was going to be sore tomorrow. They joked that she needed a medal too for all her work.
There were all ages participating.

Once again if you ever get the chance, get out and support your Special Olympics. Just click on the link and see where your games will be held.
Get out and make a difference. You will not regret it.
I am so proud of my kids, they are always excited to get out and support the athletes as well.
When I asked my kids why people should support the Special Olympics they said.
M- said "it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. teehee There is no fighting and everyone is happy."
I- said "the athletes are nice, enthusiastic and easy to talk to."
J- said it made us feel good becasue we are supporting other people who need help and your doing something good for the world. Some poeple never get the chance to go help at the Special Olympics casue they are scared. But the Special Olympics people are not scary they are so nice!
E- Said "It's not just helping them play soccer, it's helping them learn more things. If your still a kid you can still help. It made me feel good, because it feels good to help other people and it's fun to help. Other people might think it's not fun but it is fun, real fun.
As I was reading through this they started yelling and fighting about some strange thing. I mean YELLING. So I had to send them upstairs.
From we love the Special Olympics one minute to a knock down drag out fight with each other the next. Where is the love?

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m3twin said...

Wow, I've never had the opportunity to attend the Special Olympics here because I'm always out of town, but that looks like a fun, heartwarming experience.