Friday, November 20, 2009

Free books

There is nothing better to me than books and all things free. So if you mix the two together I am the happiest girl on the planet.
That is what a sister of a friend is doing on her blog.
She reviews books then gives them away. WOOHOO
I personally have won two, and read another that was awesome. I do take the risk of opening this up to so many people that I never again win a book, but I am willing to do it for you. Now you have the chance to win a free book. Right now there are only two of us even trying to win them so the odds are awesome. Get over there fast and check it out.

End of the story is her blog. She does love her some Jesus, so if that will pose a problem for you feel free to skip her blog. If you link from my blog I want you to use your manners and be friendly.

Good luck!

THE BLOOK BLOG LINK in case you didn't notice I linked it above.


Isla Familia said...

thanks for rock!! maybe we could do swaps if we both win here and there. MPS baby!!!

Allison said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Tara!!