Monday, February 2, 2009

Arizona Cardinals

I still love you!
I will wear my Arizona sweatshirt all day. I don't care, well I do care and I was sick to my stomach there at the end.
You rock though, you made it to the Super Bowl and that is awesome.

Plus that was a really good game. You have to love an exciting Super Bowl.

Something you may not know.
We watch the super bowl at 8 am on Monday. We get it live too. Our super bowl parties would consist of breakfast foods. Or as one lady told me about at a basketball, game beer pancakes. yuck.
Also a little tidbit. We do not get any commercials. So we didn't see any of the cool ones during the game.
Hmmm what else....
OH my husband was off work for the game. The military is always good about letting the guys off for the Super Bowl. Gotta love that. Plus he was going for the Cards and that is very important.

Now in other time zones the game is played live as well but they have to watch it at 2 o'clock in the morning, or some craziness. They then get the next day off.
Gotta love AFN getting us live coverage of the Super Bowl. Actually of all NFL games.
AFN stands for Armed Forces Network. In case you are wondering.
So my dear Cardinals. Don't feel to bad, you made it all the way didn't you?
I have to say if the Buccaneers and the Cardinals could play in the Super Bowl it would be an interesting day at my house. Good thing they are in the same conference.

Hey dad and Daniel. We will win it next year.
Love you guys!

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Layla said...

Wow breakfast for a super bowl party huh sounds pretty cool.... We miss you guys so much, its so good to see the pictures. The kids are getting so big... Love you lots Howes family...