Saturday, February 7, 2009


Today was a very nice day. I got a lot done in the house today, the weather was beautiful here. We went to a fun BBQ. I will link from a friends blog with the pics when she gets them up.
Then I came home and had to make smores for Girl Scout thinking day. I still am not sure what that means but I am helping make the smores to give out.
I made them in my oven and in four minutes.
Oh yes 4 minutes and I did not have to sit on a rock or sharpen a stick or twist apart a clothes hanger. My hair doesn't even smell like camp fire!!
I am feeling very much like Martha Stewart though she would have made her own marsh for the marshmallows. By the way why do I call them marshmEllows?
OK I just looked at the bag and saw that there is a recipe for indoor smores right on the bag. Geez I thought I was cool looking that stuff up online.
I will add my twist was the chocolate chips.
I can't take credit for that either really. Since her GS leader just dropped off the supplies.
oh well they still were pretty cool. If your out and about tomorrow and live on Okinawa. Swing by the gym on Foster and see this thinking day deal and go get a smore.

Don't they look tasty. The chips did actually melt.
Have a blessed day!

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