Sunday, February 8, 2009

Learning to ride

For some reason today seemed to be the day to teach my son to ride a bike. My husband took off the training wheels bought and attached a kick stand and away they went. They started around 2 with the bike upgrades.
He wanted me to stand out there watching but I figured this would take a few days of practice and I left to pick up my Girl Scout from thinking day.
I hit the grocery store and got home three hours later. When I arrived home my husband was sweaty and E, my son, was excited.
We ran outside for him to show me what he could do I was amazed to find he is riding. Really well actually. Doing turns at the end of our parking lot. It was awesome.
I was video taping and as he rides by he says "mom, are you recording?" I say yeah and he starts smiling. Such a ham.
Here is the proof.
He is very excited for his Tata and Grammy to see these pictures on our blog.

Now in this picture my husband has some crazy face but I still like it.

If only I could learn awesome new skills in three hours. Oh, also when he was getting started one time he tried to put his foot on the pegs and do a trick. What is it about boys. They crack me up!

Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

That is a huge deal. Tell him Dan said "Way to go." What an accomplishment! Mallory learned to ride over there also-weird huh!!! All our babies are growing up!

bryant_family_of_4 said...

Hey there... It's the Bryants... We just checked out your blog! That was so cool to see Eli! Here is a message for him from Joshua:

Elijah! I saw you riding your bike, and I can't ride my bike without training wheels yet. That was really cool, dont' forget you are awesome! Awesome, awesome awesome! Happy Valentines Day, Dude! I will see you in heaven! I'll give you another message later, DUDE!