Thursday, March 12, 2009

Horrible blogger

So sorry I have been neglecting you. I have been busy. Doing what you ask.
Let me think.... Ok So in the month of Feb. I had an AFAP conference that I volunteered at. That was a long week. I would leave here at say 7:30 and get home between 5-5:30. I had a blast though and the people we worked with were awesome.
Also in Feb. I helped plan a chili cook off for our battalion. It went well, I actually didn't even eat any of the chili. I may go poach some pictures of my neighbors blog. She was at both of those events.

My favorite thing we did this month is bike ride. We took the kids and their bikes to Comprehensive park. This huge park here. We then rented bikes for the two of us. They cost 300 yen a piece So about $6.00. We then rode all around that park for a couple of hours. We would stop and feed the fish and turtles. Get some drinks from the vending machines. Elijah is now riding without training wheels so that was interesting watching him try to weave between people.
I can't think of anything else exciting.
The elementary school had a dance so we all went. I actually do have pictures of that.

I found pictures of something else exciting.
My oldest is on the Honor roll. ye haw. I went to her awards ceremony.

I told she should have really smiled. Check out that sucka. High honors and Highest honors. Nice! I will add that now she has a C in math. Good thing they don't make you take off the bumper sticker when your kid gets more involved in being social and less in algebra.

Next post. Soccer. Oh yes we have three kids playing. Plus all the girls are still in Ballet. I do a lot of driving around.
Have a blessed day.


Anonymous said...

looks like your still lovin life in oki~! we went to our levy briefing dread the planning work work!!!

The Kinards said...

Love the one of Jules dancing...what's up with the tall girl in the back? She looks out of place!

Anonymous said...

Love the bumper sticker comment!! I found you so know I have yet another way to stalk you!!!