Sunday, March 15, 2009

Soccer season

It is that time of year again. Time for me to run around like a crazy person dropping kids off, picking them up and sitting and talking to relative strangers about the weather and where to buy glasses while my children run around a field chasing a ball. Good times.

I have three in soccer. The oldest decided not to play. She has to pick a sport to try though. I think she is going to swim.
So far I have gotten pictures of the youngest two playing. The oldest girl is on a team that runs around like crazy doing speed drills and other such horrificness. I realize that is not a term but her coaches are four single marines. Let me tell you, it looks like horrificness.

The first practice anyone had was in the rain. They had the eight yr olds out there running around getting soaked. It was pretty crazy but I grabbed a plastic grocery bag, used a hair band and took the camera out to get some pictures. Not being able to see through the view finder was something I hadn't considered. She had the best time.

Next up was the boy child. He was dreading soccer, until he went to practice and now he loves it. Yesterday was his second practice and let me tell you I am impressed with him. He got in the car and said "mom, I was aggressive out there!"

I have made a strange deal with my kids.
Every time they are aggressive and go after the ball especially if someone else is after it. They get a skittle. They don't have to steal it, just stay after it. So he decided yesterday he was aggressive six times and so he got six skittles. I started this strange rule after the first practice when another player would come running up, my daughter would immediately back off. She isn't known to back off much in life so why on the field? Bribes help. She is getting in there now.

My older one is enjoying the running. She likes her team and the kids on it. I will get pictures of her on Tuesday.
OH the names of the teams are ...

My sons team is the VIPERS. they are the 4-6 year olds
next the FREEDOM FIGHTERS. They are 7-8 I think.
They oldest are the SPARTANS. My kid voted for the killer Pandas. She was out voted.

I will get a pic of them in uniform as soon as we get them back with names on it.


GutsyWriter said...

I love to hear about families in other countries. Is this sports organized on the Army base? I have 3 sons, back in California after a year in Belize. Hope you visit. All the kids look so happy.

marisa said...

We dropped soccer because we couldn't get the days we needed. I'm kind of sad because I love watching my girl's soccer games but I'm a little relieved too not having to drive over there every other day. I wonder if my youngest would have been on your youngest daughter's 7-8 team? Her coaches initals were D.B.