Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MY!! update

apparently mom is calling me "M" now so I am "M" for now on!!!(I have to make it official)

so I plan on giving you my update so sit and read. My mom might have told you that I made it into the swim team? If she has then there is a update on that.. well when I went for my first practice and guess wat?? (I mean "what" text talk kinda sticks after a while)I was the oldest there and I sucked, I was the worst. Your thinking oh that's OK, and guess what again a guy I sort of thought was cute is on the swim team but much higher level is practicing too and every time he gets to the end and taking a breath he is looking over at me!!! Ii will never go back!!! Sorry about the stupid info but it is what it is. right? Another thing is that I was in the Asian/pacific islanders month.. My mom got amnesia and forgot to download every thing soo you can see the stuff later. anyway school is over and...!!!
I have to go do....stuff
bye people!!!!!!!

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