Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer break

We are in the beginning of summer break. It has consisted of rain, rain and more rain. The downfall of tropical living. The plus side to all the rain is I get to wear my rain boots. I love them! This is one of two pairs I have. The cool thing with my daughters feet being almost my size. We share boots.
There are still swim lessons. It seems to stop right when my kids are to get in the pool. Gotta love that. The two little ones are in swim lessons. They love their teachers.

I started my gym routine. I also bought that insert deal that goes in my Nike's. I added a new widget on the right. Now you all will see if I actually do get off my tush.
My oldest is babysitting for a really cool family we met during soccer. She is very funny and very fit. So I drop off my kid to babysit and go to the gym with her. She full on runs and I don't. (-: I will get there though.
Also we won tickets to go to a Taiko concert(the Japanese drums, we love them).

We will be going tomorrow night to that.
THEN I just got a call about winning a boat diving trip Saturday. WOOHOO I am feeling lucky! I have a cold right now so my husband says "oh if your not better I will take a friend." WHAT THE HECK? I better not be sick.
The kids are not thrilled with the rain but we have some cool plans this week.
I will keep you posted.


Isla Familia said...

I love those boots...did you win the events at the Schilling or no? What a hidden gem. Have fun...it sounds like an awesome week!!

Isla Familia said...

oh yeah and I added you on my blog list...why weren't you there anymore? weird...i guess you have to manually add it everytime you get a new layout!! that is kinda annoying...

Mary and Sean said...

Love those boots! Did you buy them here or order online?

Anonymous said...

I'm showing up late to the party obviously - love the boots!!! End of story!!!!