Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hello my friends, and or blog peeps.

Summer so far.
Swim lessons. The two little ones have been in swim lessons for two sessions so that equals four weeks. We are all done with swim lessons. Except for tomorrow, it's the last day.

I have gone diving with my husband and two of my friends. We lost each other. Dino and I had a blast though.

We are going on a boat dive to the Keramas next weekend. Check these out.

Can you believe we LIVE HERE. We are so blessed. Next we are planning a trip with our whole family. This trip is just a dive trip.
Here is some info off the Internet. The Kerama Islands are a chain of subtropical islands that lie 20 miles (32 kilometers) southwest of Okinawa Island. Although the Keramas are easily accessible by sea or air, they remain an idyllic paradise largely undiscovered. Only four of the Kerama's 22 islands are inhabited: Aka, Geruma, Tokashiki and Zamami. WOOHOO!

M has been babysitting. She has been making bucks!
I, has been chilling which is her favorite thing to do.
We are going to be hitting a lot more places in the next couple of weeks so check back. I will actually post them!

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Isla Familia said...

Nice pics!! Ho Hum, I would call you my blog peep, but I see I am nowhere to be found on your blog peeps...AHEM!! Swim Lessons...CHECK!! Now you can actually plan a day trip that starts in the morning.