Friday, July 31, 2009

Castle Ruins and a Haunted Hotel

I had heard about the haunted hotel and since I am not a ghost chaser I wasn't really interested. Then I went out shooting with my neighbor we were in the area. I mentioned I thought it was right by the castle ruins and we were determined to find it.

Doorways to the next level.

This was very cool, I took some fun shots being cute on these stairs.

One of the things the Okinawan's do not like about us being here is the airplanes flying over making all kinds of noise.

We came out of one area and there in the distance was the hotel!! BINGO

The first building was the "Royal road pub". Who in the heck went drinking there I wonder.

Hallways that led to who knows where. They were a little creepy.

This is the look I choose when being out in the Okinawa sun. Bandana, no makeup, and sleeveless to get a tan. Plus you always have to have your flip flops.

View from the top. The guy building the hotel didn't have blueprints. He just built things all over. So wierd.

One of the walkways we didn't try to go check out. There weer spiderwebs everywhere.

We were a little nervous of running into these guys. Bannana spiders get HUGE! This isn't even a big one.


aviva5271 said...

btw- that hotel is off limits for active duty marines. not sure why, but read that recently. SIGH.

they just suck the fun out of EVERYTHING don't they? when it gets a little cooler i'll go back there and take more photos. :)

Isla Familia said...

Good Times....I will miss having a shooting buddy. P.S. I have fond memories of those stairs...LOL

Foote Family said...

Hi!!! I've been meaning to email you and I'm glad you found our blog. I hope things are going well! We're settling in and it takes Duane about 20min to get to work from our house. I'm still working on the decorating, but it's coming along. How is the 14th and the ladies? I wish I could have said good bye to them all. Please keep in touch. I'll look you up on Facebook.

Foote Family said...

P.S. We went to these ruins not long before we left. It has a nice view.

Matt and Toni Rings said...

Visited there today. Very sad that it was just a total waste of money and ruined the peaceful castle grounds area.
Fortunately, it is slated for destruction as part of a large park project to restore the area to its former natural glory.
The millions of dollars in concrete ugliness cannot go away soon enough...