Monday, August 31, 2009


"M" here
I am giving you people a first day of school update
I will show you my familys first day of school outfits!!
Me and "B" are going to middle school so looks are everything.. right?

"J" and "E" are going to elementary but "J" dresses like it's a fashon show. haha

Tara here.
They had a great first day. They are getting so big. All with new haircuts, except the boy. He is growing his long like a surfer. M cut it all off. That girl has some nerve. I love experimenting with hair, seems she does too.
Now that they are in school I will have time to update this blog with our summer adventures.
Look for that.


carolined said...

ah! new hair! new clothes! new school year! can't wait to see what else new unfolds. love you all! xox

the Provident Woman said...

They look so cute and ready for school!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm having a giveaway on my blog through Sept. 4.

Isla Familia said...

Yay they look like they had fun. I was shocked to see M's hair. You go girl...Saige is all about the hair changing too. Hope you get some relaxation time coming to ya now that thy are in school. Talk to you soon....

Heather Hansen said...

Well, "you people" (meaning me)

Think that "those people" (meaning you) are adorably cute!