Monday, September 14, 2009

What do you do all day?

I get that question a lot when people find out I don't work. PLUS my kids are all in school. So just because I thought it was funny this is what i did today.
6 ish- woke up/ showered/ coffee
7:30 walked kids to school it takes 2 min.
7:30-10:00- made copies and laminated for 1st grade class. LOTS OF COPIES
10:30-1:00- Went scuba diving off sea wall with husband who is off today.
1:20- showered
1:40- picked up kids, finish cutting laminated stuff in class.
2:00-4:00- homework help and email checking
4:00-5:00- Dinner, then open house for my two middle school girls. (that is next)

So what do I do all day. hmm what ever I want! (-: Till you know it's 1:40 then it is all about the kids.
It is a deal I cannot keep forever but for now I am loving it.
I mean come on I went diving while they were in school and helped in his class. Good times.
So pack your bags and come to Okinawa. You know you want to....

No picture today. We didn't take the camera and just enjoyed the dive.

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