Saturday, August 8, 2009


it's me "M"
guess what everyone..I turn fourteen today woohoo!!!!
I had my party at a place called round 1. It's like a big arcade/playground/sports center/karaoke place it is really awesome.
a few friends and I got too hang out best thing ever!!!
Dance dance revolution


The next day on my real birthday

The cake my sisters and brother decorated. Really sweet


Anonymous said...

Love the beautiful cake, really special decorations...the best kind!!!Happy Birthday!!!Ahhh to be 14 again...enjoy!

carolined said...

HAPPY BELATED BDAY "M"!!!! Give you and your whole fam a big hug from me. I love you all!!!! XOX

Isla Familia said...

Hey you....I love the post M! Wish we came to round 1. Hope school is good next week 4 you guys. Nice cake...I especially like the plea for you to still play with your sibs LOL!! Keep in touch you all...,miss ya!!