Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boys day out

They have been hanging out together at Cub Scout meetings, but yesterday they went on a boys day. They were nice enough to invite us but the girls had to pass on fishing. We know from experience that they stay out way to long.
"E" was so excited to "go fishing with daddy!"

I left to a coffee before they got home but I got to hear about the "super happy" time they had. Plus they did catch fish. Then I saw the proof.
It is roughly the size of the skateboard on his shirt.

Look at that form! I mean I think it's good form. The only problem is, I am not really sure what good form is.

They stayed late and came home having had the best time.

I love that he is barefoot on the beach with "a grown up fishing pole" having a great time catching tiny fish with his dad. I hope he remembers that stuff forever.
Although when he retells the story I am sure the fish will be gigantic!

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Anonymous said...

Your really making me miss it there...great pictures....