Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Updates on our goings on

Our family did another 5k last weekend. It raised money for the Special Olympics. If you don't know we are HUGE fans of the Special Olympics. So much so that my kids will wake up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday and run around 3 miles.
So my youngest girl wasn't feeling well, and wanted to walk it. I being the wonderful mother I am offered to walk it with her instead of running. I know your thinking "WOW, you sacrifice so much for your kids." Oh yes all the things we give up as mothers. ha!
We did walk it and we ran some (down hill) we made it in at 44 min. Respectable for a sick kid and an out of shape me.
My oldest ran it in 30 the other walked and ran it in 40 min. I think. My six year old ran almost the whole time but they have little legs so that is a lot of running. It was fun, and they raised a lot of money.
Dino is training for a marathon. He was off running earlier that morning. He ran and met us on Kadena to do the fun run. Then we dropped him off on Torii and he ran home. He ran 16 miles that day. Geez. Makes my 44 min 5k sort of embarrassing.
This is where I stop way ahead and when he caught up we make sure he is alive.

My oldest is in 8th grade and loving it. One of the great things about her school is the music. She is in strings and learning to play the violin! Isn't that the coolest. I tortured my parents with the clarinet back in the day. I remember wanting the flute so bad.
So she is now torturing us with the violin. I love it! I hope to recognize a song sometime soon. We will post a video one of these days and torture you too.

The other kids are enjoying school and I will send updates on them.
We are having a great year so far! How are all of you doing?

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Isla Familia said...

Your hubby looks pained in that pic. Way to go DEEN!!! P.S. I would be more than pained...I would be laid out!!! Saige played violin, too. Good stuff....