Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My kids a poser

Not the kind you are thinking of. The strike a pose kind.
Our big girls were at youth group Sunday evening so we took the little ones fishing for an hour. I took the camera because I love to get pictures of my kids and if I am holding the camera I don't have to bait the hook.
She was the only one who caught anything, notice the cool aquarium looking fish she is posing with. That is no catfish, which we were used to catching before coming here. Almost every picture was her with this smile. Which is not real I might add. The real smile is oh so lovely. It can be found second row first picture. She was thrilled to catch the only fish that day.

She is a sweeetie. Next up, the rest of the kids.


The Kinards said...

She is so gorgeous!! I miss her smile, fake or real!! :) You are an awesome photographer! Wish you were here to photograph Marissa!! Hope ya'll have a Merry Christmas!

J said...

May I ask where this location is? I have missed fishing w/ my sons here..we attempted White Beach, but lost our pole due to windy weather that day! :)

Susie of Arabia said...

Sorry I haven't been around. I've been to the states twice taking care of family business - got my mom into a senior retirement facility. So I am WAY behind on my blog hopping... Anyway, just wanted to wish you a Happy Jolly Merry!!! Hoping all is well.