Sunday, December 27, 2009

Okinawa Zoo Light show

Hello Kitty seems to think she can stop Christmas. Well not for us because we are winners! I know you all already think that, but officially we are winners. I called into the radio station and won tickets to the zoo's light show. They also boast about having snow. Ahh nothing like snow on a sub tropical island!!
We went on the 26th. It rained all day on Christmas so it was very muddy, but surprisingly festive. Lots and lots of people, and lots of different things to keep you busy.
The Plaza of snow. It was more of a walk way of ice but loads of fun!

They had igloo's.

Snow/ice ball fights.

Giant snow balls!

Interesting laser light shows.

Then the performances.
This is a dance group that we have seen pretty often they are at all the major festivals. That night it was a Michael Jackson tribute. HILARIOUS!

Next up
There were Eisa dancers. They are my absolute favorites and then the giant Lion/Shisa's came out. They dance and act crazy then come to the people and "eat" them. I found out today it is lucky. This shot is horrible due to my laughing and the girls in my lap trying to get away from them but that one has my sons head in his mouth. He just sat there enjoying it all, while my youngest girl was screaming like crazy. I could not stop laughing.

What is so great about awesome traditional dancers and a giant lion/shisa eating my child for luck when I can see a bunch of dancing girls grab their crotches to MJ's songs. The funniest part about that was every time they grabbed, my son would look at me and snicker. He thought it was hilarious those girls were doing that.

Before we left we checked out the path with all the lights and food.
There was Flannel cake (funnel cake) and Blead Ball (bread Ball)I wanted to take a picture but I couldn't do it. I felt bad. So I just took pictures of this.
Nothing says Christmas spirit like a horror house.

We had a pretty fun time. I appreciate my kids being older, it makes life easier at places like this. Oh but then again we lost E for a bit. Then we found him, guess that Shisa was lucky after all.

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Mary and Sean said...

I'm glad to see you had a good time there... some of the comments about my okihai post on the fake snow were less than enthusiastic, but this just shows that you're a super fun family!