Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

We got our tree up decorated and though the lawn isn't done we are almost ready for Santa.
I still have to wrap all the presents we have stashed in the closet.
I also have my youngest daughters birthday the 21st. Yikes.
OHH and cookies, lots o cookies.
My kids decorate our tree every year. It looks like an elf vomited all over it. They love it though so what are you gonna do. Our ornaments remind us of past years. That is the fun part. Pulling out the ornaments and talking about who got it and where we lived. Here is our tree. This year they did try and spread the ornaments out more. Usually they are grouped and you can tell who can reach where. Notice the huge plate ornament with my sons face on it. He had to have that right up front.

This is our stocking area. Doubtful the hooks will hold them when they are full but makes a great hanging area for them.
I will fill you all in on my obsession with snowmen next. I love them.


Isla Familia said...

i went to see if you blogged about your snowman crush and started to read about the tree and there are no pics showing...BOO!

The Kinards said...

I just love your tree! The handmade ornaments by the kids are my favorite. My mom gave me the one I made in first grade...I had a short haircut and look like a BOY!! I am sad b/c we aren't putting up a tree this year...moving and going to be gone! Next year will be fun though! Merry Christmas....your card should be on the way!

Heather said...

... elf vomit...


Anonymous said...

I always loved Oki at Christmas! You guys are going to love Botannical Gardens...make sure you go, fireworks, a light show on the water..lots for kids to do.