Monday, December 29, 2008

Finally the Christmas post.

OK sorry for the delay. I would like to add it IS still December. So I get a pass. I pass I made on Word and printed out on my computer, but a pass. (If you to are in need of a pass, let me know I have been known to give out passes, for various things.)

Christmas was so fun and relaxing. I have really enjoyed this vacation. The sleeping in doesn't hurt either.
Christmas morning they woke us at 7:30. I was so excited about that since they have been known to wake us in the 5's.
They came down to stockings and webkins, they checked those out while we got coffee and then the madness began.
We have this thing where everyone gets a laundry basket to put their stuff into. When you open it and are speechless

scream (He loves his Benten's)

Or hug the heck out of it

You then place it in your basket, then everything is accounted and no one is confused about whose toy is whose. Also they can just take it to their rooms and put it away.
It works for us.
I had a great Christmas. I got the Ipod touch that I love and a Kitchen aid mixer that I also love.
Christmas morning we made 4 dozen cookies and decorated them, we also made a peach cobbler. My favorite we made egg rolls. My youngest the chef, got in on it and learned how. She did a great job.
We then just hung out and enjoyed the day.
It has been a wonderful Christmas break.
OK now I think I am caught up and ready for the new year.
Pictures from the day.

My oldest is not please with her pictures and so we will not post them! (-:

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