Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who is ready for Christmas?

Any of you? Are all your gifts wrapped? Stocking stuffers bought? Cards sent? Cookies made and given out?
If you answered yes to even three of those, please come over as quickly as possible and help me. (-:
We have gifts in the top of the closet, I have a birthday party on Sunday for my little girl. I haven't even begun baking. I bet if I had a KitchenAid mixer I would be more inclined. hint hint. ahh who am I kidding my seven year old will be the one making the cookies. She loves to bake and will probably get the mixer from us when she turns 10. It is a sad day but I really am just the one one hangs out helping. She does is all. I do pull things out of the oven so no need to call child services.

OK I am off to a field trip, again. Here is a secret, I agree to go on the field trips that are located close to the starbucks here. haha
Oh I am just joking, it is to hang out with my kid. They are cool kids and fun to hang out with. The starbucks doesn't hurt either.
Feel free to come over an wrap gifts and or bake while I am gone. If you know where I live and would like to rob me while I am gone. Please remember we own several large and hungry dogs.
Talk to you all soon, hopefully with some progress made.

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Isla Familia said...

If they stop by to help at your house, can you leave a note to stop by 1417 next. LOL. Tell the little one happy bday from the Isla kids.