Monday, April 13, 2009

Who wants to snorkel?

The weather was so pretty, we thought we would snorkel.
We got all the stuff we need which here means a yellow floating vest deal.
Yes, that is the technical name.
So we rented those and were off.
We went to Maeda Flats one of our favorite places, and got in. HOLY COW, it was cold.
There were tons of people there in wet suits, and there we were in swimsuits. brrrrr
It was really cool though we saw some great fish.
M and Dino were out snorkeling much longer than the rest of us. Then even when he came in that girl was still out there. She loves the water. She is looking forward to getting dive certified this summer.

The tide was starting to come in when we were done. So the kids played in the tide pools. They had some sort of Sea cucumber nursery going. It was so funny to listen to them.
Here is one squirting that "water" out of it.

Playing with sea creatures.

Jazz hands

They were over there forever just watching this ugly fish go in and out of a hole.

They didn't even realize I was that close.

She came out of the water with two star fish. They were awesome.

Then you know because he is always up for fun he lets us put it on his head.

This kid is a ham. He cracks us up.

Here are some up close shots of them. So pretty.


Anonymous said...

I love your pictures! They are soo clear and crisp! Looks like a good time....we still have no orders which means i cant do transportation or ship my car...
miss ya

cindy clay said...

Taxes are over, the Lake camp has sold, 2 more week of classes (phelbotomy) then big 3hr final.

We can't wait to come, air fare is going down. You guys are having the time of your lives. When the time comes to leave ya'll won't want to leave.

The sunset pic are awsome, Keith hasn't seen them yet. He is at Joey's working on the brown truck he has decided to restore it and get a camper that it can pull. Well i'm suppose to be cleaning, love and miss you guys, give the kid a hug and kiss for us.

Anonymous said...

I love the starfish hat - your kids are a hoot!!!!