Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring break take ll

Ice skating!!
One of our kids turned 12 this week and she wanted to go ice skating. She had gone with her class so she liked being able to show us how to do everything from paying to skating.
It may seem odd to go ice skating on a sub tropical island during spring break. You know I think we are a little odd so it worked for us.
I couldn't believe how well the kids did, it was great. I also could not believe how tired we were after three hours.
You could rent these ice chairs. We got one half way through for fun. It was a blast. I liked it when they pushed me around. They also had little tyke cars on rails. Some Americans had their little boy in one of those.
When we got there we had the ice to ourselves. By the time we left it was getting packed.
They had helmets for the kids. My oldest has very few pictures since we made her wear one. After a couple hours and her not falling we let her take it off. Then I could get a picture!

They played American music and the girls danced around the ice.

We had a great time.

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Anonymous said...

One of our fav places! Mal could ice skate better than roller skate once we got back the states cause we spent so much time there...i love the heated seats on the potty myself--did ya try them???