Friday, October 31, 2008

Playing catch up or is it ketchup?

I need to get on this thing and post. I cannot remember all the things I have not posted about so in no particular order Here are the pictures.

Aquarium, they are playing kung fu panda. Or something like that.

This cool park we went to after school. We had the best time.

This one is for all my friends living in cold climates. This is Today. As in Oct 31.
Who wants to visit???

They gave her boobs. What is wrong with my kids. holy cow. Notice sand on her goggles. The sun was in her eyes.

she asked them to do this. Gets you out of any work I guess.

There are many many more but I got sidetracked and will do them later.
Have a great weekend.


The Kinards said...

Looks like you guys are having fun! Wish I could come visit! I miss you J!

carolined said...

cute pics tara!

heidi62613 said...

I want directions to these parks. Love the photos. Miss you girl