Saturday, October 4, 2008


I unpacked all the clothes boxes that were in my closet. There were six filled with clothes and one of shoes. Why did I not bring all my shoes? I can't remember why. Great reason to keep buying shoes.
Not really blog worthy, the unpacking of boxes but you know a happy day for ME!
Now I will move to the kids closets. Seemed like a great place to put boxes when I was setting up their rooms. Not so much anymore.
I will leave you with a picture. Not of boxes or clothes, but a picture of my honey.
Followee. My mom sent this to me. He hurt his foot so my mom got him an umbrella stroller to go for walks. He loves a stroller, it is all the strolling my girls used to do to him when he was young. He loves it, he'll actually growl if you try to get him out and he's not ready. He's the best. Now if she could get a picture of my brothers strolling him around the yard and culdesac. I have awesome brothers too.


Jen said...

Aww....Followee. Wow, he's grown. I'm sure you must miss him! I think he and my Toby would like each other.
And shoes? Of course, they are blog worthy! :)
Happy unpacking!

marisa said...

Your dog in the stroller is too cute, it looks like he’s being pampered and well taken care of. When you go shoe shopping, let me know if you find anything good. I don’t know how, but I keep on tearing up my favorite pretty everyday shoes (the ugly ones always seem to hold up).