Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ipod, ihome

When we first moved here my husband bought me an ipod player for the house. I love that thing it is the best. While unpacking I was dragging it upstairs then down so I always have music.
So while doing the unpacking I find that our alarm clock is broken. So we picked up an ihome Saturday. An alarm clock, ipod player and all around fun new toy. Here it is in black. I got mine in white.

You can make a morning play list and it will wake you with that, or the radio or an alarm. good times. I also love how stinking loud this thing is. HOLY COW. I had it blasting when I was rearranging the kids rooms yesterday. It was super loud. Oh and a cord to plug in your non ipod mp3 players.
The point of this post is to tell you I woke to, Take on me, by Aha. The high note in that song will have you awake faster than anything I have encountered.
Now I can sleep through most anything. Really it is ridiculous. But the high note in this song. No way. I tried. For the first verse I was cool. If you have forgotten your Aha songs, which I am disappointed in check out the video here.

I'm AWAKE! geez. Plus I am feeling a little peppy.
Tomorrow a little Midnight Oil. I bet those guys will wake me up. I need a play list that could wake the dead. Send me your choices. Or if you run into me in the streets tell me a song you KNOW would wake you up. I can always use the help in the waking up department.


If you are not Heather, feel free not to watch this video.


Heather said...

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!


Okay, first... I have the tiny version of that iHome. I used to have the big one like that but you can't control the volume (like you said) so I bought a different version before I went deaf. I LOVE it. :)

Second... You have me wanting to watch VM again. Logan -- why do you mess with my emotions?!

That's what we should be doing... we should get together once a week while the kids are in school, make coffee and watch a few episodes. Hawt. When we're done we'll switch to something else... like LOST or Friends. Yee ha!

BTW, are we ever going to hook up again?

Anonymous said...

How bout--Wake me up before you Go-Go--Wham.

Joelle said...

Someone who loves Aha and will ADMIT it. LOVING IT. And yes, Wham. Absolutely.