Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My mom is a nut

This is the latest in my dog pictures. I would like to point out how well he is taking this. He is so easy going.

How cute is that dog? I swear he is the cutest dog EVER. I was on the phone when they were taking them. My dad had the phone and was cracking up.
Guess they are trick or treating. NO kids home anymore, no grand kids, so they take the dogs. Just drive to the store and get some candy for goodness sake.
Kiss followee for me. I miss him.
I fear a pink tutu is next.

1 comment:

carolinedees said...

so, i'm thinking you come by your humor by way of the parentals, eh?

hey, i did the rss thingy weeks ago for your blog on todd's computer but i can't seem to get it right for my laptop. waah!