Friday, October 10, 2008

Catching up

I have random things to blurt out here.
She flew her kite at the baseball field across the street. It was to fun. She made her kite at Japanese culture class, it was awesome.

Check these two out putting our tarp up so we have shade in our porch. Good guys.

We have some yard help now too. Gotta love having help.

She comes way cheaper then the yard ninjas you can hire here.

Haircuts. The two little girls got haircuts. I didn't take pictures till yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Tarp all the way!!!!!! What a great investment,,and you can sell it easy when ya leave...we certainly got use out of ours!!!
Love the hair and what a great lawn service you have!
Our grass ninja was named Kellie? Poor actually a stress reliever for me--no one could talk to me when i was mowing.Isnt culture class great!Miss Oki STILL!!!

The Kinards said...

Look at "J"'s haircut!! She looks like Mrs. Kinard's old doo!! She is way cool now!! I love it girl. Hope you are enjoying school! Miss you. P.S. I saw Keenan at the fair!!