Tuesday, October 28, 2008

what a weekend

We had a busy week and then a busy weekend.
I will get more on tomorrow in between laundry but for now my kids, at least they are all looking at the camera.

That boy always trying to be funny. The little girl wanted to have them sit like we did in some pictures when the girls were little.

We had fall festival at the little kids school then a Luau with the girl scouts. That was Sat.
Sunday we went back up to the aquarium, it was so crowded but we still had fun.
Here are our favorites. The manatee.

They learned to hula those pics are next.


Two Beautiful Girls Mommy said...

I like your background!

Heather said...

You're alive!!!

Anonymous said...

Tara, its remarkable how much your kids look like you!Ha!Your all beautiful!!!!

Jen said...

I haven't actually looked at your blog for awhile (been reading it through bloglines) so I hadn't noticed the background change. Sweet!