Monday, November 17, 2008

email and pea coats

As I was checking email as I do, maybe 20 times a day. I linked to an interesting article on our new president. He has to stop emailing.
I guess I had never thought about it, but how could our president email. Hackers would be all over that.
How would you feel if you had to stop all Internet communication. Oh plus no cell phone. No blogging. No blackberry. He is a one handed blackberry user, for only a bit longer.

So I guess I had never thought that our president has no email. I am sure he still can google and really that is all that matters. I just googled etiquette in Russia I found out some very interesting things that I am sure Obama might need. I could Fwd it to him, if only he was keeping his email.
I guess if I had no Internet I would get all kinds of things done.
Or maybe not, but I do love the Internet. My favorite, google. I google everything! Recipes, stain remover, directions, homework help, a red pea coat. I NEED a red pea coat.
At least I never have to give up Internet for long.
Keep an eye out for me in a red pea coat.
Google never lets me down.


carolined said...

YOU are a funny woman and this makes me smile. A red pea coat does sound quite nice.
I appreciate you like you appreciate google!

The Kinards said...

Check out this cute red pea coat! Love Old Navy....

Isla Familia said...

Do I see a red pea coat in your future at the Holiday Social?? I am a genius.