Saturday, November 8, 2008

Special Olympics

Today was the Special Olympics here on Okinawa. Our family worked with our Battalion and we ran the Soccer competition. It was so much fun. The amount of people participating was amazing. We had mostly Japanese people but there were some Americans there participating as well.
All my kids were out there getting involved. Helping here and there. When we were walking back my son said "mom I don't even care that I am hot and itchy because I am happy." (he had been complaining of being both earlier) I am going to find more ways to get my kids involved with helping others. I think it is so important. If you know anywhere for us to do that here let me know!
I have no pictures as we were working the whole time but I do have the sun burns if you would like to see that.
I want to encourage you to get involved in your area with the Special Olympics. I have not worked with them before but I will work with them every year and everywhere we go. You do not have to have experience just get out there and be willing to help.
I want to give a shout out to my cousin Dustin who is special needs. I cannot wait for the day we get to see him participate in the Special Olympics.
It was an AMAZING day. One I will never forget.

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heidi62613 said...

Love it. We wanted to go to,but we have been sick. That is so great that your kids really enjoyed the experience. It is good to give back!