Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Japanese Shoe Shelf

*I am adding that I bought this shelf at the Todays ok store at the Living Design Square store. Link to Okinawa hai, Direct link to the stores site
They have many different options. Much taller ones and wider ones. I am going next week again if anyone wants to go. *

OH the joys of living overseas. The sightseeing the shopping the putting together things with Japanese instructions. Holy cow. Thank Goodness for pictures that is all I have to say.

This was an additional sheet, telling me who knows what. Be careful though it may fall on your kids.. See pic.

This is my finished shoe shelf. I am super excited to get it by the front door and get the shoes out of my floor. Let me go do that and I will take pics with it filled!

OK shoes shelf is in place and I filled it up.
I have a couple of choices. First I put our fish on it. I think they will get some sun there.
One picture has a basket on top. I put my wallet and keys in it.
Then I thought I would hide it inside. Also put an umbrella in there and a flash light oh and the Yankee candle car freshener. It is a shoe shelf after all, don't want it to get smelly.

The final look. I also added a magazine rack that doesn't fit anywhere for my purse and hoodie. The basket was already there. Our shoe basket. we may keep our slippers/house shoes in that.
I am not sure what I think about how it is looking yet. I do know I like not having shoes in the floor overflowing from the basket.


The Kinards said...

I love the shoe shelf!! What a cool idea! I hate having to go back and forth to my closet to get shoes when they could be right there by the door!! Too bad, just my shoes would fill that baby up!! I am sure you too!! Hope you are doing well...

Two Beautiful Girls Mommy said...

Ohhh I like it! Where ever did you get it. I think I need one of those. It would work so much better than the basket.

Heather said...

DUDE. Where'd you buy it. I'm looking for one. ;)

Isla Familia said...

I love the washi paper motif you got going on...I remember that one from our visit..good choice, along with that awesome bamboo mat!!

Charity said...

I love the shoe shelf! And those stores. I've been there once but would love to visit again. :-)