Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am in a calendar

Naked. ohhh hahaha just joking. Scared you for a moment. Our own Okinawa crew here decided to make a calendar, we were supposed to send in our pictures. Pictures of what Okinawa is to us. I talked to a friend and we decided it would be hilarious to send pics of our kids at burger king. That means Japan to me, don't you think so? No. Well whatever they have a playplace.
Come to find out I had no burger king pics on my hard drive. I did find some snail pictures though. I took them when we just got here, we were living in the hotel and took the kids to the park to play. I sent that in. I thought that was hilarious. Like here is Okinawa. snails.
I think I am pretty funny sometimes. It is those times, that backfire on me. Long story a tad bit longer. My snail picture is in the calendar. There are some beautiful shots in this calendar. I am excited to get one. It just makes me laugh that my picture is in the calendar. hahahahahahah that is me laughing.
See how funny I am. I told you.
I will share with you my snails. Hold on I have to find it first.
So here is what I sent.

I guess i should have photoshopped it a bit. OH well
Here is another one I took that day.

Then here he is photoshopped. Or here she is.

See how fancy pants his shell is? Oh the fun things you can do.

Oh the whole point of this post is to say, I got my snails in a calendar. They didn't sign a release though so mums the word if you see them.


meredith said...

Your snails love each other. Okinawa IS romance. Sweaty romance.


marisa said...

Congratulations on making the calendar. Your little love snails are adorable.