Sunday, November 23, 2008

Welcome to the world

Please welcome my nephew Noah. Isn't he the cutest baby?
He was born early but a great size and very healthy.
I am sad to know I will not see this boy till he is almost three. I am glad they take great pictures, I can keep up with how he grows!

I cannot say enough times how beautiful this boy is. Look at that face. Also do you see how smart he is, holding the pacifier. Oh he is a smart one.
Now I want to fly home and hold him. I don't think I have wanted to hold a baby this much since I gave birth myself.
Congratulations guys. He is the best!


heidi62613 said...

Congratulations. What a cute baby and yes he looks pretty smart! I love the name since my little one is a Noah too!

The Kinards said...

He is precious!! I love babies!! They are such an amazing blessing from God! Congratulations Auntie!